Saturday, September 25, 2004

Plans to Clean Up the Study

Yesterday I finished up the project of updating all the Archived Channeled Reading Pages. All 365 ofthem. The project began on 8/28 and ended 9/24. Almost a month and it was gruling. Somebody just said to me, "Nobody ever said holy work was a piece of cake." I have to say my work doesn't feel holy. It feels gruling. But, who am I to judge?

The actual channeling had already been done (another huge project), but what I had been doing was to arrange the pages so that they were better. Ever since I'd placed them on the web something about them hadn't been right. There was just too much white space at the top of the page before the actual channeling began, so that was my main reason to get in there and do something about it. The other reason was I had recently changed where I put Google ads on the pages. Rather than before, silently unobtrusive at the bottom and at the left side toward the middle of the page...UP FRONT AND CENTER SO PEOPLE WILL SEE THEM. Right. I realize I was shouting, except nobody had been clicking on them. It's like taking a stint as a bagger at my local grocery store. The job only lasted a month and a half, but it felt like 3 years to me and ever since I've had a kind word and a thank you for the baggers who bag my stuff. It's just a real hard job. And, every time, if I remember, I try to click on a Google ad when I'm visiting different websites. It might only amount to a 3¢ increase for them, but it could also result in something more substantial.

So, that's what I was doing. This was technical work and it didn't feel very creative and I sure didn't feel holy while I was doing it, but now it is done. I absolutely couldn't concentrate on much else while this was looming waiting to be finished.

And, the reason I moved the Google ads into a more prominent position? Well, apart from having somebody click on them I haven't settled in my mind that I want to sell psychic readings. I get letters from people and I answer them, sometimes at length and many times with the guides doing a bit of channeling...which, several times might have constituted a reading. But, I didn't charge and I really didn't want to. Sometimes people buy readings and I'm thinking to myself, "You really should not be doing this." I don't want to take their money, but I don't know how to say so...because they've already paid me.

So, I guess the question that I can ask now and maybe spend some time thinking about now is just what do I want to do with Talking To Spirit?

What I did in the beginning was to teach people to channel. Maybe that's what I really want to do. Or, as has happened with a couple of folks over time is to establish an e-mail relationship with me helping them to heal up. And, as I think of it with a few folks who check in with me every once in awhile seeking the encouragement to continue their journey toward psychic and spiritual enlightenment. Not really a school per se. Just a guide? I guess. Somebody just muttered, "Can't see the forest for the trees." Well, that's me.

Just finished Nicholas Sparks', "A Bend in the Road". A fantastic book. I read something else by him, too, and have to say, now, I'm hooked. Will hie myself off to the library sometime over the weekend to get some more. Terrific writer.

And, am currently reading LaVyrle Spencer's, "Then Came Heaven". Also, another terrific writer. I will also seek out more by her. It's nice to have some new folks to read. Even though I love my standard favorites of Gabaldon, King and Krentz, I have read them a gazillion times. So, time for some new stories every once in awhile.

Plans for the weekend? Laundry, though Dennis said he will take care of it. I think I should help too. And, the ironing. I've got 2 weeks' worth of shirts piled on the back of the chair I'm sitting in now waiting to be ironed. Wash up the ones I wore this week and get them all done today. I'm working on translating our company's employee handbook into Spanish. At least, I'm popping sections of it into BableFish translation services. We'll need somebody to have a closer look at it after I'm done. I'm sure there will be some fine tuning that will be needed. Otherwise, we could have gotten a copy for $650. The boss complained, but I told him that's what it would cost to have somebody translate it. And, that was what the prices were over 20 years ago. Anyway, I'm about half way done.

The other thing is to clean up this study. There's just too much out of place...books stacked up's gotten to the point where it interferes with my peace of mind. And, the cats knock stuff over. So, in being done with my big web project I'd like to alternate with one that involves some channeling...a new section for the web. The next technical project to do will be to continue work with getting reciprocal links and with dressing up the resources section. But, before I do that I'd like to get some content in. Somewhere in this mess there's a piece of paper we had going with suggestions for new channeling.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I am exhausted

I'm absolutely exhausted. My biorhythms suck. I broke a mirror last night when I slammed the bathroom cabinet door shut with my foot. I stomped off this morning a whole half hour early to work because I couldn't stand to be in the house. I think I might have frightened Dennis. I don't know what's going on. Just a really bad tempered person today.

At work? I got mad at Hamid. He didn't do anything but just act like he normally does. It's me. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Monday, September 06, 2004

It's Me

Pauline Posted by Hello

Tedious Work

Well, it's been awhile since I blogged here. And, enough time has passed for me to either have forgotten what it was like or for the procedure to have changed. I think it changed. I don't remember being able to insert a picture, so that's different.

It's a 4 day weekend for me. I got Friday off and, with the weekend and Labor Day celebrated on Sept 6th, it was 4 days off. Very, very nice. I've done massive work on Not new stuff, but in having the Google tower ads alongside the right hand side of the screen. Having them in what I consider to be a better position for people to see is important if I'm not going to be making any money from the readings I do. At least, not now anyway. It's a tedious process in loading up one archived entry. Loading up the next. Moving down to where the archived reading is, copying it, moving over to the first reading I'd loaded up (which, incidentally already has the reformatted page on it....lots of changes, not just with the Google ads), pasting the reading over top of the other reading. Scrolling down to increment the Next Reading section. Saving it as the second loaded file (several times I've gotten confused and did a regular save as opposed to the save as a new file name and had to reload the files in question, go back to what the proper reading should be live on the web, view source, copy that and paste it back into the file). God, this has been a tedious project.

But, when it's done I'll be real happy and ready to move on to another project. Anyway, I'm almost at the half way point of 183 entries for the year. It feels like I've been working on this for days. Anyway, the first 20 or so were done toward the end of August. I let the whole thing lay for awhile so I could determine if I was really happy with what we had. No sense going to all this trouble if you're going to look at it when it's finished and go, "Oh, why didn't I do that too?" Anyway, I let it cure for a week. Got back into the project this weekend and on Saturday did 50 entries. On Sunday did 70 and so far this morning I've done 30. For some reason I'm not all that enthused about doing them today. It's been so damned hot this weekend I try to get most of my productive and hard work done in the morning because starting at noon it's gonna get hot.

Am currently reading, "Zinnia" by Jayne Castle...great book.