Sunday, October 03, 2004

FireBalls of Thought

Well, the back story just don't quit. You've got this face that you show the world with your makeup on and every hair in place. That's TalkingToSpirit But, I know I'd always been interested in how a writer writes. In the back story. That's here. Just what exactly do I say to the guides all day long? What is recorded at TalkingToSpirit is the creme de la creme. I want to hear what goes on while the channel is eating breakfast.

You know, that isn't a bad idea. What, eating breakfast? No, what's it like when we talk back and forth. Well, you realize that people will get confused. There is no differentiation between what we are saying and what you are saying. How about if I change the color of the fonts later on before I sign off? That would be fine. So, you just finished a reading. A free one again. Does it bother you not to get paid? No. Why? You spent time doing it. Is you time worth nothing? Well, people need to figure out if they are spending their money wisely and she might not feel that me telling her...or, you guys telling her to do her own work is something she should pay for. You are correct in that assessment. However, you have, in a sense disappointed her. Well, I didn't want to make something up that wasn't true. Why not? People do it all the time. What kind of discussion are we having here? One of interest I would think. All right. I wish I had a cigararette. Yes, we know. So, we would ask you why you want one at this point in time? I need a break. Well, then, take one please.

I have to say that fiddeling with changing the fonts and colors when we switch back and forth talking is sort of wierd. You will become accustomed to it once you have decided what you want. There are shortcuts you might utilitze. Yes.

What should we do today? What would you like to do? Well, there's still this mess on the floor...the stuff I swept off of the desk yesterday when I wanted to have the space to tape that picture together. Yes. And, I'd really like to get a system started for remembering who and when sponsorships were purchased for the
HelpSelf directory. That's something you've been wanting for do for some time now. Is there a reason why you have not done it? shit. Nice talk from the channel. No, I don't know why. Could we point out to you that this may have become an obstical for you? Yes, I see that it has. Could we point out to you that whatever system you decide on need not be a perfect one. Yes, thanks. You are quite welcome.

Okay, I see what you mean with the shortcuts. Yes, so you are finding out. I just need to get used to it. Yes. This is wierd. Yes, but you will become accustomed to reaching for the control key and the "B" in time. If anything you are a good typist. Flattery. I always warn against it. No, you don't. Well, I think about it. Yes, so you do. What about flattery and the guides doesn't set right with you? Just that I think it's me doing it. How can what you do influence what we say? You ask that of me? Dear, you are the one who wanted to do that back story. This is merely ancient history repeated for the benefit of those who would learn to channel. Water under the bridge as it were for you, but for someone new to channeling, something of interest and importance. Okay.

So, when a person is new to channeling I always tell them not to believe everything you hear and to lock up the credit cards. The guides will get in there (they did for me, anyway) and get real comfortable and real personal and start urging you to spend money on yourself if you hadn't been doing that before. I'm not sure about this. Why? Because it sounds like you all are terrible and somebody could get the wrong idea about channeling. Continue. Well, it all sort of happens in the beginning stages because I don't think there's a one of you who cares what I wear, what I spend, how I spend it. In that you are wrong. You do care? Certainly we care as it relates to you. You see, it is all about you. People would say, "well, that is a conceited way of looking at things." But, it is true. Personally, you are correct in the sense that money and the spending of it truly does not figure as a primary point of interest to us, but, it does to you. And, in that sense the things that interest you do indeed interest us. There is communication ensuing between us. For a reason. That reason is different for each person. But, generally, it is that you have assumed the status of student and we retain the status of guide and teacher. For us to understand what you are going through and to attempt to guide you we need to understand and speak to you in the same language. So, yes, we are interested when Sears is having a sale.

I know I've messed this up. No, Dear, you have not messed up anything. I'm not going to fiddle with the colors anymore. I think the bold is enough. Yes, and it isn't any great hardship for you to toggle between to two syles? No. Then, you have accomplished something of note for now we are able to converse here pretty much as we do when we are channeling verbally with you any minute of the day. Well, with one exception. And, pray tell, what is that? You're more eloquent here. How so? Channeling via the computer is different than verbal channeling. Verbal channeling is quick. I don't always get or give you the opportunity to do the entire sentence. It's faster. It's like the entire thought....smash! I've got it sort of thing. Sounds painful. Oh, you know what I mean. Yes, I do, but you have not stated it clearly enough for someone who does not channel to understand. Okay, It's like fireballs of thought. Really fast and in their entirety. There is no need to spend the time doing one word after the other. It's not linear. It's not one foot in front of the other. It's a whole book at once. Well, maybe not the whole's like swallowing dinner without chewing it. It's like pictures. And, for what I need from you for assurance that I'm either getting it or not getting it...the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" I get from you. Just a quick visual signal that I'm on track.

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