Saturday, October 09, 2004

Plans for the Weekend and Talking To Mom

It's interesting to see how differently I feel when I've got some direction as opposed to when I don't. At the beginning of the week I had no plans for what to do. I just sort of drifted and I really didn't feel very good. Not physically. Just bummed out. Then, it began to snow ball and it began as I got a notice from the library that books I'd put on reserve were ready to pick up. Good ones too. The Mitford Series and I've started at the beginning. A really homey set of books I can't seem to put down. But, the interesting thing about it is that as I got interested in this book I also got re-interested in life again. ... So, the moral? I suppose you could say when you're bored, read something to perk you up again.'s a minute away to 2:22 am. Earlier, I'd awakened thinking...there now, it's 2:22 am. Anyway, I'd awakened and thought to myself it might be time to get up, but the guides told me I still needed to sleep some. And, I did. A little. Got up again in earnest saying that I could take a nap later on if I got too tired...or, if I'm done before morning, just go back to bed. It's just exciting to have the weekend to do stuff. And, I suppose I ought to make a list. At least I don't have to iron 18 different garments like what happened last weekend.

Anyway, plans for the weekend include organizing the study. It began last week when Dennis corralled everything on the floor and sort of bulldozed it over to the edges. I walked in and it was wonderful. I swept everything off of the surface of the desk to the floor and got to work. Not on the piles, but with other things that were far more interesting. I need to keep up with that. It doesn't take long for it to get out of hand. Same trouble at the office too. For hire: Slobby secretary....Anyway, I'm going to switch over to my journal and see what's what there.

Oh, I did find that picture of Mitzie Thayer had sent up when she was 3 months old in September, 1988.... Sheesh, that was difficult figuring out how to get Mitzie's picture up. With practice, I suppose. Anyway, she's a dear cat and about 16 years old. No wonder she sleeps all day. I'm glad to see that she's decided to come out and sort of be with the family. She's been out on the patio for a few weeks now. Albertson's was having a sale on the softest $3.99 each. I told Dennis about it when he said he was going to go over to get the makings for Rocky Road Ice Cream which I prepared yesterday evening. We'll make our first batch of ice cream some time today in the new Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. Anyway, Mitzie got a new blanket too. It's beginning to get nippy at night and I'm sure she appreciates the blanket. Am looking for her to start thinking about moving back inside soon. But, she's happy where she is for the moment. When she decides to move back into the house I'm sure there will be some discussion about who can walk near her and look at her and things along those lines. I'm afraid she can't see as good as she used to. It's tough watching our kitties get old.

In any case, I'm glad for the weekend. I hope to get started on a new section for the website. I am beginning to think of it a little differently these days. Rather than a finished product, more as a dynamic book. That makes me feel a little better having not devoted myself to a "Book" project the last few years. Now, to make it profitable? With time, Dear, with time. Thanks. You're welcome. Do you want to talk? It would appear that is what we are doing. Yes. Well? I don't know what to say. Camera shy are you? Well, yes. Remember you want to locate the work you did back in the old days as you sometimes refer to your earlier attempts at channeling. Also, you'd mentioned something about putting a Ouija Board on the web as a pdf file. Of course, Milton Bradley won't appreciate you stealing their name, so you might refer to it as something else. Talking Board won't work either as the name is taken. Thanks. You are welcome. And, our blessings. Do you know who this is? Is it Seth? No, Dear. It's your mother. Hi Mom. Hi, Pauline. You still can't handle it can you? No. I miss you. I know you do. But, think of how you can talk to me now? Remember when we would talk on the telephone so often? And, how we laughed? Just think of it like that. Yeah. I love you. I love you too. You're going to be tired later on. Yes, I know. Be careful if you drive. I will. I wonder if I don't mess this all up. Well, you do at times, but I wouldn't worry about it. Are you going to send a copy of your psychic reading to your sister? Yes, thanks for reminding me. You're welcome. Mom, I think maybe I'm going to be losing some weight. Yes, maybe this time you will. Did you want to ask me something about it? No, I'm okay. It just feels like this time I can do a little better at it. Yes, I'm sure you will. Just don't eat so much of your ice cream. Well, it doesn't get a whole gallon made at a time. It'll be fun to try out different flavors. But, I see what you mean. For somebody who's trying to lose weight fiddeling around with an ice cream maker sort of is not the best thing to do. Hey, you've got to eat. Well, it doesn't have to be ice cream. Thanks, Mom. I feel better. Yes, I do too.

Okay...I'm signing off for now. That was nice. I'm all teary. Mom's been gone 10 years, now.

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