Monday, March 14, 2005

Dennis and Eric at Barnes and Noble

Well, I'm still not sure what the link field refers to, but I filled it in with Talking To Spirit's info. Now, I've got about 2½ minutes before I need to head out the door for work. The weekend was productive; tiring, but productive. Dennis and Eric had a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Oakland at Jack London Square on Saturday afternoon. I surprised Dennis by showing up and snapped some pictures. Dennis lost his parking ticket for the garage downstairs and we had to pay $10 to get his car out. Not too bad. Parking all day in San Francisco would have been much worse. But, the attitude of the Barnes and Noble people could have been, imo, a bit different. Well, so what.

I made business cards for Dennis and Eric Sunday morning with some of the pictures from Barnes and Noble and then thought it would not exactly look right for them to hand out business cards the next Saturday at Borders in Emeryville with Barnes and Noble on, I revised the card and created one with a picture of the book, "East Bay - Then and Now". Actually, the book was too large for my scanner and the picture available at Amazon either had that goofey sneak peek guy hanging over the edge or was too small. I was able to get a nice picture from the publisher Thunder Bay. So, that worked out well. I overheard Dennis telling Eric on the phone that they were, "way cool".

Orders for HGH were sort of slow. Picked up this morning, though, and I processed 3 of them even with waking up at 6:20 am. Last night, instead of taking an ibuprophen before going to bed, I took a Tylenol with codeine. Wrong. Very difficult to fall asleep and very difficult to stay asleep through the night. That's probably why I slept in. Very vivid on the dreams.

Anyway, the only reason why I popped in here was that while I was downing all my vitamins this morning I was thinking about this blog and how and when and if I was ever going to go public with it or even have it associated with Talking To Spirit. The guides and I have over the last few days been mulling it over. I'd think that if it's supposed to be backstory to a channel, then we should be channeling here and I shouldn't be making any references to the other things I do during the day, specifically to my other work. But, that's my life. Anyway, the guides pointed out that there are different sorts of blogs. Like people have work blogs where it is only for talking about work issues. And, the part I didn't want to forget was when they said to me (I almost choked on my vitamins when they said it), "This isn't a nudist camp." I thought it was hilarious. Like I'm not supposed to go around naked parading everything in public. So, since it was about the blog and one of the guides said it I thought I'd preserve it for posterity here.

I will, eventually, have a look through the posts to see if there's anything that shouldn't really be here.

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