Saturday, March 26, 2005

Learning to Crochet

Sometimes my life these days reminds me of what it was like back in the days when I was learning how to crochet. I was a loner. I've always been a loner. And, I wanted to learn how to crochet. I got a book. And, it took a very, very long time. It took years. I'd try to crochet something and end up with something so snarled you'd want to say one of the cats played with it. But, I kept trying. And, eventually, I learned how to crochet. I've never made anything huge or fantastic with it. I've made a few afghans...none of which are around here because I gave them all away. Mostly, what we've got in the way of Pauline's Crocheted Objects are toys for the cats...balls for the most part. But, I can pick up a hook and settle in contentedly to make a cat toy during the course of an evening and all around me seems to calm down. Maybe I need something like that now.

My desk is a mess. I mean it is a mess. There was just enough room at the edge to put my coffee cup. How in the world do I get any work done around here? Well, lets see....I could put away those 2 dvd's. I'm done with them. I could look at what's inside those baskets that won't find under the shelf anymore and take something out. Then, the stapler will fit. I could find another tp roll to cover with colored paper to have my scissors sit it taped to the side of the monitor because having the scissors in with the pens and pencils makes the whole thing top heavy. And, just how long would it take to do all that? About the time it took to write about it. And, why can't I do things like that? It's Saturday. If I get this place cleaned up a little bit, just a little bit more organized I know I'll feel better.

Anyway, maybe I'll make a list and have this stuff be at the top. Oh, I'd better because I've also got the checkbook to reconcile. Ugh.

Trying, not too hard, but thinking about finding a couple of places to link Talking To Spirit to. You know, Thayer was talking about making text links awhile ago. I wonder if those same links can be made during the course of my ramblings here? Presumably the spiders that walk the web also visit obscure places like my own....hmmm. Anyway, my resources page at Talking To Spirit has grown somewhat. And, continues to grow. Not burgeone...just grow. It's not exactly outgrown its present digs, but it's sort of cramped. What I was thinking about doing is to place 2 or more categories on each page. And, then you'd use those name tags to take the person down further on the page to where the particular category is that they're looking for. The reasoning for this is that I've seen links pages that do just that. Some of them have really healthy pagerank with google and lots of links. Easy peasy to add new links. What I've got are 15 or so link pages with a google page rank of 2. That's sort of a measly page rank. However, my resource main page has a 3. Maybe the farther away from your main page you get the less likely high page rank occurs?

The guides had a suggestion...being as how this is my backstory I might mention them in here every once in a while...but, as I was laying in bed this morning thinking about the coming weekend they said that I should begin the process of cleaning up the desk at one edge or another and that way I'll be able to see clean desk space emerge more quickly than if I were to move down on it from the top. Whatever...six of one...half dozen of another. Not that I don't appreciate their help. Them talking to me about something helps me in the sense that they don't help with just any old thing. They help me with the stuff that preys upon my mind. And, when they make a suggestion I've found that it's a good thing to hold that suggestion in the back of my mind and, if I can, act upon it as quickly as I can. I do know that when my study is cleaned up (they just said to me, "Start with the desk first.") I feel a whole lot better about life and about the things I want to do and many times get a whole lot more productive.

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