Saturday, March 12, 2005

Odds and Ends

Ah, it's been awhile since I've done much on the Blog. Sounds like I'm slogging into a swamp. But, I got to bed late last night and awakened at my usual early hour. Slipped back to sleep for a couple of hours, but had a very vivid and very busy, frantic sort of busy dream. Not unlike my usual days.

Last night and this morning I've been fiddling up a storm with the blog. I decided recently to place a skyscraper Google Ad on the side of the page. Then, it occurred to me when I was visiting other people's blogs that I could place a banner of Google Ads along the top. So, I searched until I found the place to do so in the html code on the template and got one in there. Then, working with Thayer's advice of getting the background and border of the ad to be the same as the background of the webpage began an odyssey that has lasted for hours. I'm beat. It's not exactly perfect, but it's pretty ding-donged close. Anyway, the blue the comes closest to the blue on this template is #639DEE . If anybody is remotely interested I found it with 2 websites that I've bookmarked and will refer to again for other things they were that helpful. WebWhirlers and Color Picker

In getting back into the blog I also wasn't all that satisfied with how it was looking. Also, it's still a new thing for me. I've spent the last several months very involved with the website and I felt I was just getting a bit burned out. I needed something else to occupy my time for awhile. So, I resurrected this. I really don't know when I'm going to go "live" with this. And, when I do I'm not sure just how many of these entries I'm going to leave. The idea is a backstory to the channeling. More so, I suppose, for those who are wanting to learn how to be a channel themselves, I suppose rather than for any prurient interest, though I can't discount that either, I suppose. Sort of an Enquiring Minds Want to Know sort of thing. Hey, I'd be interested if I got the chance to find out what a channel does in her off moments. Also, I enjoy just letting my hair down every once in awhile. of the guides just said to me, "Just so that's the only thing you let down..." Anyway, this is also a platform where I can just be me and the guides without getting all dressed up for the website I suppose. It would take a dedicated reader, too, to slog through all of this anyway.

Ah, well...I'm getting a new computer at work. A nice new pentium 4 with an 80 gig hard drive and a CD-R/dvd drive with XP from Dell. My present one is Windows 98 and is burning up as we speak. It's been buzzing for 2 weeks and freezes up more and more, now. It used to be that one freeze every other day was the norm and it's actually been doing that for almost a year, now. What it moved to rapidly was two or three or more freezes in a day and the error messages being returned are all over the place. Someone said to us the buzzing might be a sign that one or more of the fans was either slowing down or had already gone out and things were heating up causing memory bleed which are all the error messages I was getting. I was panicky a week ago when I thought it was going to die on us right then...madly trying to transfer stuff over to the other computer. I know from past experience that you just can't save everything, but I sure have been trying to. Talk about wanting a cigarette. Or two.

It's been 5 Years, 5 months, 2 weeks, 5 days, 14 hours, 34 minutes and 50 seconds since I last had a cigarette...but, who's counting? We've also saved $12,555 by me not smoking. If anybody who wants to quit smoking would like to know how I know all of this...I have a program called Last Quit - downloaded that many years ago, configured with my stop date and what a pack of cigarettes cost in those days (at present it's about $3.50 a pack when they're on sale at the 7-ll). I just went looking for where folks can download the program and I'm not seeing it anymore. Yikes. Well, there are others out there and if you're interested enough you'll take the time to do a search for them. I will personally recommend using it as a tool to keep yourself motivated during the horrible period of time when you're going through emotional and physical withdrawal of stopping cigarette smoking. Just a horrible time. And, I swear I'll never do it again. I did it once already and quitting for the second time was worse than the first. I won't do it again. So, I heartily recommend using something to keep your motivation up there. And, sewing your lips shut is not on the list. So, I can talk about wanting a cigarette, but I won't ever do it.

And, now that I've ruined my appetite...I'm going to go get dressed. Saturday morning and things to do. Laundry hamper lid won't lie flat anymore, so that's one good signal of something that needs to be done. Tina (my channeling neighbor) and I are going to go to The Rock Shop in Oakland. She's never been there and it's been awhile since I had gone to see Helen, who owns it. Nice peaceful feeling when you wander in there. Terrific vibrations.

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