Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. May all you resolve to do actually make it to fruition. I'm still cooking on my cold, but have made great progress towards actually having a book to offer for sale soon. The lion's share of the work was done several years ago when I spent over 2 years cranking out the Daily Channeling. One for each day of the year. The archives are at Talking To Spirit and people can look at any one of them on the website. But, there's nothing like curling up with a book and that is my intention.

What is a little alarming, though, is that one of the Guides suggested I illustrate the book. Yikes. Double Yikes. I haven't drawn in years. So, I'll put that away to think about and plod on through with the sorting I'm doing now. I chose 10 chapters and as I'm reading through each of the channeled entries I'm making a decision about where to put each one. Tedious work, but I'm just doing it 5 pages or so at a time. I feel really jazzed about the whole thing.

In the meantime, I've finally opened up my PhotoShop to fiddle with it a little and between it and XaraX I came up with a Happy New Year pic.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Usual Christmas Cold

Actually, I have a theory.  I began to formulate it during the wee hours when I lay in bed and couldn’t get back to sleep because my throat hurt.  It has to do with the cold I inevitably get at Christmas.  I think we might safely conjecture that Christmas Sicks are directly related to Christmas Shopping.  I think so many people are out there whether they feel good or not doing their last minute shopping whether it is for presents or at the supermarket for Christmas dinner.  And, that is where we catch the colds.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa to everybody. Christmas is the holiday I grew up with. I realize, as an adult, that there is no Santa Claus and that today isn’t the actual date of Jesus’ birth, but it is the act of setting aside a special day to celebrate both that still makes it real. Even though there are no children in my house I have pictures of Santa about.

So, what does it mean for me? The Santa part? It brings back memories of being off from school. It was always like a mini summer vacation. I didn’t count the days. I didn’t have to. There were so many of them. For many years I was confused when people would say to me, “See you next year.” The years for me were marked by the beginning of school, not with January.

I remember us all trimming the tree. I remember the huge box my mother kept all the decorations in that went with us from one set of quarters to the next. It was a source of continuity for us. It was a source of stability. No matter where we lived we could count on Christmas being the same wherever we were thanks to Mom. I remember the first ornaments she and Dad ever had were pictures cut out from greeting cards pasted to clothes pins. We still put them on the tree and they were 20 years old. It was always interesting to see the snippets of signatures and greetings people had written on the back sides of the cards.

The picture is of us five kids, Christmas 1969 in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. I was in the 8th grade. Chuck, the youngest was in the 3rd grade.

I remember my mother making Christmas dinner. I remember everybody sitting around in huge piles of wrapping paper unwrapping their gifts. I remember my father being relaxed for the first time all year. I remember going to church. Sometimes, as we all got older, we would go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve to celebrate, but in the early years it was always an early mass on Christmas day.

I remember each of us kids had a baby Jesus in a manger. For every good deed we did we got a pine needle to put into a shoe box to make a nice bed for Jesus. Turns out one of the boys, I think it was my brother Mike, went outside and collected his own to make a nice soft bed without also having to do the good deed part.

So, even though I don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore I have tons of memories of happy times, of times I cherish, that I bring out and look at as though it were a photograph album.

Today, Dennis and I celebrate a new Christmas. It’s just the two of us. Our neighbor Phil will come over for dinner. Actually, Dennis has a cold, so I’m not certain if all will go as planned, but we’ll see.

Seeing as how I’m a psychic I wonder if I should speak of how this day is for me on a psychic level? I feel the same as before but, I also sense this undercurrent of things happening that runs alongside of me 24/7. I’m not always aware of it, but when I close my eyes and seek it I can feel this river that flows.

It’s like me at a bus stop. Here’s my life, my awareness of the bus stop. That’s my world, my universe. The lady and her kid who sits next to me on the bench. The older man who is reading his paper standing next to the schedule. This is my world. But, if I increase my sphere of awareness past that immediate place of awareness I begin to see there is a road that runs alongside of the bus stop. There are buses coming and going. There are automobiles on the street and delivery trucks. There are buildings across the way. There’s a park over there. I know there is stuff going on I can’t even see. But, though I can’t see it I know there’s another town nearby.

So, I close my eyes this morning and celebrate Christmas. I’ll tell you what it is that I sense. Suddenly, my legs are freezing and I’m hungry. Go figure. This happens when I meditate too. It’s like you get this itch you cannot possibly reach on your back without the aid of a back scratcher, so you’ve got to get up and go find that too. There’s always this little bit of a resistance I have to diving into this psychic river. But, if I want to be there I have to ignore the body and its incessant demands. I can eat later. The itch will go away. My legs have been cold for the last 20 minutes. What’s so pressing about it now that I can’t dip here? Actually, this is like a person who is trying to talk while they draw. You’re pulling upon two different sides of your brain at the same time and it’s a little difficult. Hovering, recording, witnessing and yet, not completely gone deep.

Okay, enough talk. Dip again, Pauline. Oh, I’m also listening to Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s Delta Brain Wave CD. It helps me.

Dip. Dip and talk about it. Just waiting to see what is there psychically for me to see and talk about. Writers. Sometimes it sort of hits you. Like that did. I “felt” writers. Lots of them. Okay, I’m getting my breath back again. That socked it out of me but quick. Nothing to be afraid of. They won’t talk. Or, not much anyway. Dip again. Hemingway. Louisa Mae Alcott. Not the same as they were. A family of writers. One with the universe. One always before. Reaching out to reveal the things they think are of note. Other writers. Many writers. Merry Christmas.

Okay, here’s a weird thing. One of the writers I sensed a minute ago is still alive. I wasn’t sure. I took her name off of the list. See, I’m not sure. What if she suddenly keeled over? She’s elderly. I don’t want anybody to think I’ve hexed someone. But, what I’m wondering is in psychically sensing a river of writers why did I not just tap into the dead ones? Maybe, and now that I think about it, why couldn’t there be just that great river of unconsciousness that everybody is a part of dead or alive? Maybe that’s what happened. I’m certainly no expert at this….that’s why I never quit my day job. But, that’s what I sensed just now.

Merry Christmas everybody.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Thinking about a Book

I’m just now figuring something out. I like having stuff to do. Interesting stuff. Not just ironing and reconciling the checkbook sorts of stuff (which is on my hit parade of things to do this weekend), but interesting stuff. Last night I printed out the file that’s got all the channeling I did for the Channeling Archives at Talking to Spirit. I’m gonna write a book. Or, I’m gonna corral all those interesting quips and tips they had to say into a book. And, I’ve been casting about for a title. I think it might have just got writ. Quips and Tips from Folk in Spirit. Sort of informal. Could come from listening to “Hot Rod Sleigh” by Toby Keith. Or, talking to Jake yesterday. Keep it simple. Keep it ordinary. If it’s catchy it’ll hook something.

A book oughta keep me busy for awhile. Blogging around the other day I came upon 2 separate blogs where the folks had a store with cafepress as part of the url. Curious me investigated and discovered they also do books. So, that’s where the germ of an idea took hold. Germs do take hold. The settle in comfortably in a corner of your nose and tickle for a bit. You don’t think about that little tickle as being the forerunner of a full blown Christmas sick do you? No. But, I just fired off a three sneeze salvo and I’m betting it could turn into my usual Holiday Sick. Great. Don’t think about it. Push on and if I need to I’ll take a DayQuil.

Anyway, I thought last night what I needed to do in order to have an organized book was to start with the chapter headings. I thought of a few and as I read through the channeling others will come to me. Damn, but I need to write this stuff down as it occurs to me. Short term memory sucks.

  • Love

  • Understanding

  • Fear

  • Illness & Healing

  • Death & Beyond

  • Other Lives

  • Changing Habits

  • Right Company

  • Money

Friday, December 23, 2005


When I was learning how to channel much of the time I was imagining. I didn’t yet know what it would feel like. I wasn’t even sure what it would feel like, but in order to get me there I imagined what it was like. I suppose it is the same as if you were standing in front of the bathroom mirror rehearsing a speech you needed to give, something for a group of people, like a dialog in front of your Spanish class, a salvo fired off at your arch enemy or an entreaty to a boy you had a crush on.

I love to read. I especially love to read romance novels. It’s funny because I’ll show pictures of the heroes on the covers to my husband, with their shining chests bulging with very impressive muscles. He makes funny noises. It’s fun to hear him. Anyway, I love to read. I’ve got some favorite writers. One of them is Jayne Ann Krentz. She writes under a bunch of pseudonyms depending upon which genre she is writing in. I’ve read many of her books over and over again. And, for the 10th time now I’m reading, “Eclipse Bay”. But, this time is sort of different.

In addition to loving to read I also love to write. Well, I write here in the blog. I write for the guides, but that’s channeling. They utilize the skills I’ve developed as a writer so that it all looks okay, but I don’t really consider it to be me doing writing. That’s what this is. But, what I’d love to do, what I know would fulfill a yearning inside of me would be for me to write another book. It would take a lot of energy. I don’t know that I have the time. But, it’s like this yearning is getting to be too strong for my excuses.

What I want is to become acquainted with my characters. When you write a story it’s really just the tip of the iceberg. What the writer has done that you, the reader, doesn’t see is get into the heads of the characters of the story. It’s like being related to them and living in the same house and just, generally, hanging out with them for an extended period of time. These characters are going to do things in your head that never end up on the pages of your book. They’re going to have discussions and altercations. And, for me the beauty, the attraction of being a writer is that you can continue to have a relationship with your characters long after the story has been finished. Sort of pop in 3 years down the road to find out how things are doing, what they are all doing now. That sort of thing.

I don’t know if other writers feel that way. I do. Maybe I’m weird. Maybe it’s because I channel and I already hear voices in my head. Maybe it’s because when I was learning how to channel I had to really, really try hard to imagine what it would be like trying to force it all to actually start happening.

Anyway, one of the hardest things for me to do was to figure out what to write about and how to construct my characters. Stephen King said in, “On Writing” that he sort of went out into the desert in his head and saw stories sticking up out of the ground. He’d dig them up and go from there. Maybe I could try something along those lines. Maybe there are characters out there who need a writer to write for them. Maybe I should just sit here quietly and allow one of them to come to me. I wonder what that would be like? If I enter into a receptive mood. If I’m quiet and lower some barriers, sort of like hanging a sign out that says, “She’s in the mood”…something will happen. (Sheesh…I can hear guide’s laughing off in the distance…ha.)

Okay, so, this is just an experiment. There’s nothing that says I’m committing to any of it. It’s just for fun. To set the scene for anybody reading this right now, it’s 4:45 am. I’ve been awake for 2 hours. Actually, these are writer’s hours. I’ve kept them for years. You wake up in the dead of night and get your writing done while everybody is asleep. I’m listening to Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s Brain Wave Meditation CD’s. This particular one is Alert Relaxation Light to Mid Alpha and Mid to Deep Alpha. Very cool stuff for me. I use it when I’m channeling sometimes too. I’m going to be tired at work, but hey, life is short anyway, right? Also, it’s Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow.

Jake. He’s a cowboy. I said I didn’t think so. He said, “Hey, you said you were ready. I’m here.” Jake. What do you look like? I can’t see you. Clearly. I felt your presence. I knew you were a masculine presence. Lonely place. But, not lonely. Just a hermit like person. Like I am. Alone and yet not alone. Content. Likes to feel the day on him. Wakes up in the morning and hears birdsong. Hears little animals skittering around. Gophers, no, prairie dogs. Creaking leather of his saddle. His horse. He’s known this horse just a short while. They work well together or they will given time. He’s waiting. He tells the horse what he wants with his body shifting this way or that in the saddle. The way he tenses his muscles are communicated to the horse. But, the horse hasn’t yet surrendered. No, not surrendered, but invited him to come into his herd. What? This man is one with nature. This man is so in tune with what is going on around him that the intrusion of city life would disrupt the order he’s established. It’s not that he is an extraordinary cowboy. He’s just in tune.

Jesus…am I going to be writing a new age cowboy story? Why not? You asked to meet me. You? You’re Jake? Yes. This is weird. Why? I didn’t think writers were supposed to be talking to their characters. You just said not two paragraphs ago that you wanted to meet me. Here I am. Deal with it. Oh, shit. Nice talk.

Jake? Yes. I’m sorry, but this is really strange for me. I know. I’m afraid to do this. I know. Are you a figment of my imagination or are you real? I’m as real as you are. Why are we talking this way? Because you’re a channel and the muscles you use for your creativity are the same ones you use to channel. It’s why you’re such an odd secretary too and you’ve gotten used to that. Well, you do have a point.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Another one of those Nights

Another one of those nights where I awakened at 12:30 am and lay in bed for an hour unable to get back to sleep. That’s my limit and when I get up. It’s 2:30 now and I’ve finished the book review I want to use in the January newsletter for, “The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer. I haven’t actually read the entire thing, but enough of it to piss me off more times than not. It was such an odd thing that I’ve had to revisit my being pissed to discover, “What’s up with that?” Generally, our best teachers are the ones who irritate us the most.

So, instead of just discounting the book out of hand I will still recommend it as a good read.

Intention. I have to admit that intention for me has always been hard work coupled with determination. Just hammer away at whatever it is until you get it done. Dr. Dyer is suggesting we look at intention as if it were a source of energy that we are already a part of. I had wondered when things would almost “magically” happen to me, when people would show up just when I needed them, when books would fall off of shelves at my feet in libraries. Now, I’m thinking these isolated occurrences might have been part of the intention he speaks of.

The one thing, though, that has me puzzled is how he speaks of ego. I’ve heard others speak this way too. Get rid of ego and all will go smoothly with your quest toward oneness with Spirit.

One of the things I’m concerned with personally is how to live in the world, concerned with business and commerce, with paying bills and being materialistic, living and working with people who, at times, piss me off and on the other hand being spiritual. Sometimes I think, “A really spiritual person would not have said that, or acted that way, or felt like I do.”

Well, all I can do is to keep trying. I suppose that’s all anybody can do.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Oh, happy accident. I hope. My eyes just aren’t what they used to be. I’m making brownies. I made them a few days ago for my husband to take a batch to work for a holiday party. Fine. Yesterday, I went shopping and got four boxes to make up a bunch to take to my own work. There are 6 stations I need to divvy up the goodies for, so the brownies are only a part of what I’m going to be baking.

Well….just now I went to mix up a batch. It called for 3 eggs. I look at the back of the box and think to myself, “I swear I didn’t put that many eggs into the batch of brownies I made for Dennis. I thought this was the same line of brownies. Maybe because these have walnuts in them they’ve got different preparation directions.” I peer at the directions some more. 3 eggs. That’s what it says. Okay.

So I mixed up the brownies. And, they’re real loose. Too loose. This is soupier than I’ve ever seen any brownies be. I peer some more at the directions. Now, it says 2 eggs. Oh, shoot. So, I start tossing in handfuls of flour to eat up the extra egg. Three handfuls later and we’re waiting for the oven to go up to 350°. I’ll post later to say if this batch is going to stay in the Evanosky’s house or if they can go out as gifts.

Posted later on: Well, they're okay. They're not spectacular. They'd go okay with a cup of coffee or tea because they're sort of on the dry side. More like cake. So, we're keeping them. That's the second batch that's staying in the house. Good thing I bought two boxes of candy. At the rate I'm going now, I'm going to need some more boxes of candy.

Posted still later on: Hey, it all worked out. There were enough made of the bars between all the brownies and the chocolate chip bars and even most of the batch I thought was a gonner. They tasted fine after they'd had the chance to mellow out a bit. So, tomorrow I'll take in 6 holiday bags of brownies and bars for the guys at work. It's been years since I did anything like that.

Your Journey - Channelled

Ask yourself what the things are that drive you.  Whether the place you are driven to is one of despair or discord or the place is one of success and creativity.  Do you think that you are just basically a person who cannot achieve success or one who is forever unlucky in some or all areas of your life?  

There are several different things at work.  One is to take the journey from one made in an unconscious fashion to one that is made with deliberation and in a totally conscious state of mind.  The other is to allow the journey to go from one of deliberation to that of unconsciousness.  Another concept to consider is that you cease to consider yourself a victim and begin to consider your place in the universe as one that is special and unique.

Taking the journey from one of unconsciousness to that of deliberation:  When you have no map how can you even expect to get where you want to go?  Have in your mind the steps you need to take, even if it is the steps you think you need to take to get to a particular goal.  These steps will, more than likely, change as you make progress toward your goal and the goal itself might even change as you near it.  

Taking the journey from that of deliberation to that of unconsciousness:  When you behold the work of a renowned artist you look upon a person who spent many years learning his or her craft.  Once the preliminaries were out of the way they could begin the process of tapping into their hearts.  In a sense their journey was deliberate and then became unconscious.  Many people fear to look into the secrets of their hearts.  

When you learn to dance you watch your feet.  You are hesitant.  You step upon the toes of your partner.  But, after you have practiced the moves, after your muscles know what is required of them you can relax and put yourself on automatic pilot and allow the spirit of the dance to come forth.

In each instance the work done at the height of the person’s knowledge of craft is their own.  But, they have tapped into their hearts, the great unknown, the universe in a deliberate fashion and allowed creative energy to begin to flow through into their art.

So, you have identified your goal.  You have identified the steps you feel you need to take to get there.  You have determined that you must pay particular attention for the beginning of the journey and you know as you develop mastery over your subject that you can relax a bit and begin the process of using the skills you have learned in a creative manner to produce something.  

What though about the undercurrents in your life that drive you?  What if you have some sort of pain in your heart that does not allow you to achieve success?  That will somehow step in-between you and your goal time after time to wreck havoc and tear you away from your intention?  This is where you stop feeling like a victim.  These unconscious traits you have can be identified and changed.  It will be necessary for you to look at yourself with a critical eye, with an unflinching eye.  It will require you to be courageous for these things typically happened to you as a child and at a time when you were most vulnerable.  This is where having a trained psychotherapist at your side would be of help, though there is much of this journey that you can do on your own.  

This part of your journey will typically be a lengthy one.  You will, more than likely, only be able or willing to work upon a part of it at any given point in time.  But, that is okay.  You work and heal and go on with your life until you reach a place of pain again.  Either the pain or undesirable trait comes back again gradually or it is triggered by some other event.  However it comes back it is your job to recognize that it is time for you to immerse yourself once again in the process of psychological healing.

So, does your journey towards mastery involve different elements.  Taken apart and then put back together again the journey begins to make sense rather than being the meandering path you had been on before.

Our blessings and have a good trip.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


I appear to be at loose ends right now. I wrote a letter to a client, a person who has sought advice and encouragement from me over time. The guides, just now, offered a bit to him and I would include it here because the advice is good for many who are facing hard times:

Seek the rhythms that throb beneath the surface of all of your everyday activities. Know that even in the tough times there are chords of silver and gold that thrum, that vibrate beneath and behind every thought you have, every activity you undertake. It is noticeable if you were to compare a very, very bad guy with a very, very good guy. The bad guy has discordance that lies behind his smile, so that even when he is trying to be good he cannot help but be bad and seek to undermine others in his way. So, too, the good guy, yourself, if you will, a shining light of optimism in the face of adversity. Fan that light to a steady flame and open your heart to those around you. They will come to you. Our blessings this wondrous season.

Today, as soon as the light comes up which ought to be in about 20 minutes, will be laundry, vacuuming and lots of baking. My plans are to create 7 or 8 Christmas packages of brownies and cookies over the weekend to give to the folks where I work and for Dennis to take to his work.

Dennis is having an accident-prone day today. He walked by the clothes tree and it fell over. It was full and did need to be picked so we either hung up or tossed into the laundry all the clothes that were hanging on it. Then, he fixed a supporting ring that had been dislodged and up-righted it. I told him he should have hollered, “Timber” as it came crashing down. Then, he motioned to a pair of his pants that I’d slung over the exercise bike. He said, “What about these?” I said leave them there because I needed to iron them. He said, “They’ve been here 3 weeks!” I said, with a frosty edge to my voice, “Yes, I’m aware of that.” Ironing is just not one of my favorite things to do. As he put the pants back on the bike he knocked off the plastic gizmo that covers the control panel. That’s when he said, “What’s wrong with me?” That’s when I went into the study to check his biorhythms. They are mostly okay; totally high 3 days ago and on a downward trend right now, but still in the upper half of his chart. Nothing really odd there. Then, he walked into the study and as he passed the vase of flowers one of them fell off. That’s when I told him to stay home today and do whatever shopping he’d thought of doing for books tomorrow. Too many portents to ignore.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Decorating for the Holidays

Okay, I'm decorating for the holidays. This is the first time, actually, that I've ever done that. I admire sites where the webmaster or mistress took the time to don their fine apparel.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

An Unexpected Surprise

Remember what it was like before the Internet had pictures? It actually, wasn’t all that long ago. At least, not for us old foggies. Foagies? That’s how it sounds. A Psychic Foagie. Or, Foagine in the feminine? How about a Psychic Foagista?

I’ve just finished working a massive project on my resource pages. Now, there are 67 of them. Eventually, there will be more. But, there are a collection of links that I painstakingly found on the internet, arranged alphabetically and placed with a joke on each page. In some instances I’ve written mini articles to accompany the subject. The most popular these days is my links page about Table Tipping.

The next step will be to beef it up with more articles while I await page ranking from Google. Also, I ought to begin the process of contacting some of those folks I seeded my pages with to see if they might be interested in a reciprocal link. I think that has to be the hardest part of this job.

Now, I would like to touch upon a subject that doesn’t actually get much air-time. I should probably say this is a sensitive subject and ought not to be read by those not mature enough to handle it. Anyway, I haven’t yet seen anything in print about it, though maybe it is there and I just haven’t come across it. That is Sex on the Astral.

It is there. It is awesome. It can especially be interesting when you are able to dream lucidly…more people will be inclined to remember their dreams now.

When I first ran across this phenomena it was while I was practicing energy techniques with the Awakening Your Light Body course from Orin and DaBen. I lay upon my bed focusing on the Nu’a and Dinia…and whammo. What? Was that? Holy Cow! Nobody said that was going to happen. I was meditating folks. Honest. I was just meditating.

Well, yes, so as you exercise and tap into the energy all around you, you’re just going to be in a heightened sense of receptivity. One of the bonuses. I don’t quite understand it, but thought I might mention it. Actually, I don’t know that this post is ever going to get much air-play, but whoever needs to know about it will see it. I just need to trust.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Well, I really don’t know what happened, but in the last post the size of the type got to be slightly larger than what is normally done here. Don’t get me wrong…I like it better. But, I’d like to know what I did. I’ve been tweaking the blog today again. Little things, but to a Virgo they mean a lot. Like things were centered and didn’t look right off in the side margins. Also, the titles were too small. I’d been trying to find the appropriate “switches” in the code of the template that controlled that. Inadvertently, I might have changed something else. Time will tell. Actually, this post will tell too once I get it up onto the blog.

The day was very productive for me. I got three articles cranked out for the next newsletter. That, Dear Readers, is phenomenal for Pauline. If anybody wants to subscribe to it I put a form for folks to use off in the side margin here on the blog. The final thing will be to finish up enough of Wayne Dyer’s book, “The Power of Intention”, to do a review on it. The last thing I read this afternoon were his instructions to close my eyes and imagine. That did it for me. I had a nice nap. I swear sometimes I have trouble meditating. I guess that’s why they say don’t do it lying down.

I also discovered that Talking To Spirit wasn’t showing up well at all with Netscape. I don’t know what made me look today, but it was pretty terrible. I was able to discover that it was one of the Google ads that was fouling things up and I removed it on all 435 odd pages. That took awhile to upload. Thank goodness for DSL.

My husband and his friends, Karl and Eric, are at present out in the living room and have been there for the last 7 hours working on a book about San Francisco. I’ve made a few forays out there, but they have just been industrially working away at it. Now, though, I think they’re getting tired. I went out to clean up the kitchen and feed the cats. Fluffy Drawers came in and made some comments about the extra company, but other than that I think she’s settling down. Mattie and Samantha are nowhere to be seen. I figure they’ll show up sooner or later. Shelby and I spent the day together. I wanted to take a picture of the guys…it was like Command Central with Karl and Eric on their lap tops and Dennis at his computer, but my battery was low. So, that’s charging, but I didn’t get a picture. Dennis did, though. Maybe I can wheedle it out of him. Karl took the photographs for the book and they are absolutely spectacular. Together they are writing the chapters and the cut lines for the pictures. Chrysalis Books in London approached them and asked if they’d do the book. This is the same publisher who did, “East Bay – Then and Now”. My husband the author!

Resolutions...Once Again

It never fails, but I start thinking about the resolutions I want to make for the coming year just about this time. This time being the middle of December as I ready the newsletter for release the first of January. And, each year I have all sorts of wonderful ideas about things I’d like to do in the coming year. I think to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to learn another language. Actually, my only good one is English. The others, Spanish, German, Norwegian and French are all jumbled together so that when I start speaking one I’m speaking them all at the same time. Not good. Except, I swear, when I used to drink I was absolutely, positively fluent, at least, in German. I have been told when I start speaking another language I speak with a Norwegian accent, that being the first second language I ever started learning as a child. In any case, all those odd facts aside, I ought to enlist the help of Spirit in this endeavor. I have actually shied away from doing that, though I can’t say why other than I probably just take the easy way out and, like many people, my resolutions just smack of too much work.

Once, just after I first started channeling in 1993 I asked Seth for help as I tried to lose weight. Losing weight is something I just don’t do easily. I had only ever done it once in my life before that point in time. Anyway, boy did he ever help me. I’ve never been in the Army, but from the movies I’ve seen and from what my husband tells me Seth would make a good drill sergeant. I did lose 50 pounds. But, yikes, it was something else. I’d be reaching for something to put into my mouth and he’d interrupt with an alternative suggestion. Every single time. I have to confess it sort of got on my nerves. Nowadays, every once in awhile Spirit will step in gently with another suggestion, but it sure is different from what it was like when I lost 50 pounds with Seth’s help. The thing is, I have to ask them for help. Them, being the folk in Spirit I talk to. In the early days it was just Seth. Now, it might be anyone. Ha…someone in Spirit just suggested I ask Johnny Weissmuller for help. Wouldn’t that be something? Help from Tarzan to get fit and trim in the coming year.

I have to admit the help I get from Spirit is plain talking. I can hear them good. Though somebody in Spirit just said I don’t always listen. But, I can hear them better than I could before I started channeling. I also remember, though, what it was like before I started channeling when I was normal like anybody else. I used to think I couldn’t talk to Spirit. Actually, put God there. I had absolutely no idea you could talk to anybody else. Now, that I channel I know for a certainty that I could have talked easily to Spirit in those days. They might not have spoken back, but I know now that whatever I had to say got through. I was not, as I believed then, just me shouting into an empty abyss. Actually, whether you talk to Spirit or not you always, everybody always has, at least somebody in Spirit who listens to every heartbeat, every sound you make. Call them your guardian angel if you want to. Call them your guide (which is more to the point I’m told). But, there is always somebody there who is listening to you.

My point is that I could have asked Spirit for help back in those days and I’m sure that help and assistance is whatever the endeavor was would have been coming my way. Not that things would have fallen into my lap, nor do I expect them to. But, the things I needed to read and the people I needed to meet would be more forthcoming. I think this idea moves along the same lines as what I’ve been reading lately and recommend as this Month’s Book from Wayne Dyer, “The Power of Intention”. Intention, for me, is like a fast moving river and all you have to do is just jump in. Then, you get to where you’re going quickly.

So, make your resolutions this year, just like you do every other year. But, this year, put your hand out and in your mind’s eye beseech your guide for a bit of an assist. Trust the help you ask for will actually, really and truly happen. Know in utilizing this help from Spirit in a conscious fashion you are also strengthening your own connectedness with Spirit in a very real way.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I just started reading a new book. It’s, “The Power of Intention”, by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I’m only a few pages into it, but already I can feel this is going to be one of those “important” books for me to read. He talks about intention in a way that I had never thought about it before. And, lately, I had been thinking about how I was able to get certain projects done, really difficult projects, by tapping into this unseen source of determination and bull-doggedness that seemed almost magical. I want to do that again, but I want to do it consciously. I want to be able to turn it on at will. This is what he’s talking about. I think. Anyway, it’s also approaching this idea of intention from a spiritual standpoint. I’m excited about it. I’ll probably use this book in my next newsletter in the sidebar as my Recommended Read.

Also, I had to laugh, because as soon as he conceived of the idea of intention he talked about it to everybody he ran into. To, me that is really obnoxious, except I do the same thing. I recognize the glazed look that comes over the eyes of the person you are talking to (my husband especially)…the resigned feeling where they say to themselves, “Oh, shit, she’s on a tear again.” I had no idea other people did it too. It makes me feel comforted to know somebody like Wayne Dyer does the same thing. It makes me feel like maybe I’m on the right track. Ha.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Chain Reaction

Isn't it odd how you do something you've been meaning to do for months and then, suddenly there are all sorts of things that hinged on that one thing that now need to be addressed.

Yesterday I closed out a PO box. This morning I realized that address was on all my business cards. You know what it's like to throw away 450 cards...I know you do. Anyway, I deep sixed the old ones and realized I'd best do something about some new ones. Especially, if I end up going to a Holistic Healing Festival today. This time, however, I will make them myself as I need them. I do it in Publisher and they came out pretty much okay. Not hugely professional, but they do the job.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


It’s cold this morning. Sensations in the body keep a person grounded. They remind me that I am human. When I meditate I itch. I twitch. I am reminded that I am human and it is difficult to ignore that fact. I have a body that will not allow me to soar even if I wanted to. Reality sets in. You are not a bird. But, I close my eyes and try to pretend, just for a moment I am light as spirit and can soar above the roof tops and the trees. Soar with a bird off in the distance looking curiously at me. Not alarmed, though having a human being, a middle-aged grumpy secretary flying on the current of air alongside is not your typical sight in the morning.

Over, drifting closer the bird winks once…twice…and decides to engage me in a game of chase. She veers off, wide. Over and under the drifting air currents catching one and going high, showing me how it is done. Learn from the bird. Copy what the bird is doing.

The bird lives for the moment. If it is cold she moves South. When it is warm she flies back again to the North. She doesn’t know why she does this. She just does it.

If I were to listen to my heart and do the things I need to do what would I do? Would I allow the yearning inside of me a voice? Would I shock someone? Would they think badly of me? Would I, more importantly, frighten them? Would they be concerned?

What if the answer to those questions were yes? Can I then say, “So what? This is something I need to do.” This is something that inside of me is an important thing to do. I don’t know if it is on my list of Top Ten Things to do in my Lifetime, but it’s something I was drawn to and something I cannot ignore or give lip service to anymore.


I don’t know who you are. I don’t know where you are. I don’t know your face, but there are a lot of people out there who believe in you. Whether you are man or woman or not. You might be the trees. You might be the bird I saw. You might be nothing but the air. I just don’t know. Every once in awhile I feel a peace come upon me that is sort of unexplainable. I’m a very tense person, normally. Sort of high strung, I suppose. Nervous certainly and I worry a lot.

But, for all of that, there’s a part of me that cries out to you whoever you are. However you are. Wherever you are. Peace. Please.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Plot Thickens

Alright, I admit the first time my husband started talking about it I was sort of surprised. Alarmed, even, if you want to get technical about it. But, after we got the headstone in the ground I found some peace of mind I hadn't anticipated. We don't have children. There won't be anybody else to take care of our burial arrangements. Well, if Dennis goes first then I'll take care of him and if I go first he'll take care of me. But, having the plot picked out and paid for is something he and I won't have to deal with.

You can visit where we'll be at Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, California...we're not there yet!

This is the view from where we will be buried.

The point I'm making is that it's just something folks might think about and take care of so their loved ones who are grieving don't have the added burden of making decisions and shouldering the expense of your funeral. You can get more information at the Talking To Spirit Cemetery Resource Page at my other website.