Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hurry Up and Talk Fast

This is where the “mean secretary” comes into play.  Today, we are jumping through hoops.  The bookkeeper has arrived to get our stuff and we aren’t ready.  The mail showed up 10 minutes before he rang the doorbell and we are madly trying to get the last 2 things done so that he can take the stuff away.  I was busy before all that happened with something else.  Face it January is just a horribly busy month.  And, the door bell rings again.  And, it’s these two ladies out there on the stoop wanting to talk to the boss and because he isn’t in they’re going to tell me everything.  And, I interrupted them when the one lady holds up the catalog, fumbling around to find the right page and tells me, “Now, you’ve seen it you can tell him what it looks like.”  I almost blew a gasket.  I wanted to tell her to get a job.  I interrupted her and said, “We’re really busy.  Give me your card and I’ll tell the boss you called.”  Nice and polite.  Quick.  But, I’m sorry, I can’t do, “Nice” anymore.  I’m an office worker.  I work really hard.  And, if you can’t get your blamed act together and act in a professional manner and at least have a photo copy of the sorts of ads you are selling I’m not going to tell you how to do your job.  I doubt they are paid.  They’ve got to be volunteering parents who are out scaring up donations for their school.  I can’t imagine anybody who gets a paycheck would act like that.  Sheeesssh…Kudos to volunteers everywhere, but take it from a really overworked person.  Here’s how you get your foot in the door.

  1. Don’t just show up.  People are busy.  We do not have time to talk to you.

  2. Send a nice letter of introduction with your request.  We will make sure it gets to the boss.

  3. If you call and you don’t get a return phone call it means the boss does not want to talk to you.  He is busy too.  It doesn’t mean they didn’t get the message

  4. For those people who continue to call even though they don’t get a return phone call.  There is a place in Hell for people like you.

I am so pissed off at myself for being an alcoholic because I sure could use a drink tonight.

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