Friday, February 03, 2006


I thought this picture of Shelby was adorable. She has brought such joy to our lives.

Dennis and Mama Cat found her. Mama Cat used to escort Dennis and I to the edge of her personal neighborhood territory when we were doing errands around here. Like when I would walk over to Albertson's to do grocery shopping she'd walk with me as far as the Buddhist Temple across the street from Albertson's and sit in their yard waiting for me. Then, when I was done shopping she'd run along ahead of me stopping and looking back waiting for me to catch up.

The day Dennis and she found Shelby Dennis was walking to the bank. Mama Cat went with him part way and waited for his return and as they were walking back they heard a really strange noise. Somebody had recently lost a parrot and had posted a reward poster, so his first thought was the parrot was somewhere nearby. But, he didn't hear the noise again so he started walking home again. Except Mama Cat wouldn't move. He looked back at her and called to her, but she wouldn't move. So, he went back and the noise happened again. He got down on his belly and looked under a parked car Mama Cat was looking at. Reaching way underneath to the inside part of a wheel he pried off this tiny, terrified very sick little kitty away from the tire she was clinging to for dear life. Her eyes were glued shut. She was horribly sick. And, he brought her home. We took her to the vets that afternoon and she was ours.

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