Friday, March 24, 2006


Where Illegal Alien has a totally different connotation. Now, then, we might proceed. I am wanted in over 532 galaxies. I am a mutant. Nobody likes a mutant. I’ve got arms where other beings have their eyes. I reach and seek and see things other beings only dream of. I am megalomaniac to the extreme. Ah, excuse me, this is your channel speaking. You dare to interrupt me? Me, who has laid waste to civilizations with the mere blink of one of my many hands? Ah, yes. Vooph? Oh, it was much more than that. It was Vooooopppphhhhhttttpt. Yes, I thought so, but I wasn’t sure that I was hearing right. This is the Friday Funnies, right? We can have a new column? No, I am Fralph. Nice to meet you, Fralph. I got that right? Well, as right as you can get it. Your ears are not attuned completely to my way of speech. I suppose you have feet where your mouth is too? You dare to speak so to me? I’m not at all certain you’re being serious. I’ve never had an alien come to talk to me this way. Mostly, I deal with Folk in Spirit. Not so heavy on the alien side of things. A good thing too. I’m going to go find a different channel to talk to. I need one who will bow down before me. One who will be afraid of my many hands and fingers. I want one who will cringe when I roar. You are a pansy channel. You channel flowery smells. You are not a good channel at all for me. Well, that’s okay too. Nice to meet you Fralph.

Sheesh. That was totally weird. Anyway, I put Fralph’s part in bold. Actually, he wants red, too. Fine, I will comply with your demands Fralph, but I need to hurry. I’ve got to leave for work in a little bit. Vooooopppphhhhhttttpt.

Later note from the channel: It came to me that the above was from one of my cats who had passed on, though, they didn't own up and tell me which one it was. I just sort of psychically felt that it was one of my cats. So, no alien invasion for the weekend.

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