Sunday, March 26, 2006


I can remember how frightening it was for me when I began to experience glimmers of psychic awakening.  Except, I didn’t know what it was at the time.  I thought I was going crazy is what I thought.  The problem there was that having never gone officially crazy I wasn’t sure that was right either.  Anyway, once I got a half-way steady hold of myself I thought to go look and see if these weird things had ever happened to anybody else.  

The weird things that were happening to me started with me seeing the number 222 everywhere.  I mean it was everywhere.  It was on sales receipts.  It was on the microwave.  It was on any digital clock display you could think of.  People would call right at 2:22.  I’d pause in any book I was reading to look at the page number to see that it was page 222.  None of the other pages…just 222.  

Dennis and I had a fight and the VCR shorted out.  It was 10 feet away from us.  My dreams were really vivid.  I was having visions during that time of day or night where you aren’t quite asleep, but you are also not all the way awake.  

I could tell when the phone was going to ring…and, then it rang.  I could tell who was going to be on the phone.  I could tell what they wanted to talk about before they even opened their mouth.  

We didn’t have the internet in those days, so the research I did was limited to the books in my library and at the used book stores I liked to go to.  I found one by Colin Wilson about ESP.  I didn’t read the whole thing, but I read enough to realize that everybody had ESP to some degree or another and to have these things happening to me wasn’t all that strange.  That’s when I calmed down and moved from a frantic state of mind to one of curiosity.

And, what with one thing or another, I discovered that things can move forward a whole lot easier once you’ve relaxed.  It took years until I finally arrived at the point where I made a conscious decision to learn how to channel and talk with my Spirit Guide and it was years after that decision had been made before I actually got to talk to Folks in Spirit.

As I moved from one stage to another I found there really wasn’t a lot of guidance available for folks like me who were moving tentatively into this really unknown and sometimes scary realm.  The guidance available is obviously written from the author’s experiences and background.  So, you can run the gamut from really cautious teachers to the kind like me who sort of toss you in the water on the first day.  From the student’s point of view they think there is the possibility of sinking.  From my standpoint I know you can already swim.  

There are no formalized lessons out there for learning this stuff.  And, each and every teacher you run into will have something of value to impart to you.  One isn’t better than another.  They are all great.  And, face it, they are willing to talk to you.  Some will charge you money and others won’t.  

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