Thursday, March 16, 2006

What Goes Around Comes Around

I just want to explore this concept a little bit this morning. Trying to put myself into somebody else’s shoes to see how they can justify their shitty behavior. Now, that’s a judgment call on my part. I’m thinking somebody else has acted poorly. They made me feel bad. I was hurt. I am still thinking about it. I’m just exploring why I don’t feel so great about this. I’m not going to say what it was that happened to me because it really doesn’t matter. What matters right now is how I feel. Or, felt. I’m actually feeling better now.

Okay, maybe writing about it is going to allow me to put it into a different sort of perspective. So, the person hurt me. But, from their standpoint they were in the right of it. The thought occurred to me that this person had come from an abusive family and having been the object of the abusive behavior for such a long time had, in turn, begun to act abusive toward all and sundry. Okay, I can buy that.

The point of the lesson is how did I manage to put myself in the way?

If you consider the object lesson of, “What Goes Around Comes Around” I really need not worry that this person is going to get hers….she’s getting it all the time. I’m stuck here, Guides….can you help me out?

Certainly. Good morning, Dear. Hi. We might ask the question of what does the daffodil feel as the elephant tramples her into the earth? The elephant was not intending to harm the flower. The flower was in the way. You, Dear, were in the lady’s way. It happens all the time. You can’t hope to live a life of complete blamelessness. There are all sorts of assorted venial sins that people commit any day of the week and you, Dear Channel, are not excluded. Okay….Okay… Would you hear more? Please. I just don’t really like hearing this. Well, so we would be truthful with you and sometimes the truth is a little difficult to listen to. Okay, I’ll let it flow.

Lessons are not always pleasant. When you set out to move along your life’s path people will assume, wrongly so, that being on their path means life is good and all is pleasant. What if a part of the person’s lessons are to learn about harsher things in life? Face it, they are there. Any lesson you learn has different degrees of presentation. If you are clear in your heart and mind the harsher lesson need not be that harsh. If you come from a place of muddled thinking the lesson might be more than a painful stitch in your side.

Also, taking your position of being so receptive to Spirit you are also receptive to the “spirits” of those still in body. You’ve just got the volume up too loud. Your task, then, might be to turn down the volume a bit so that you can listen to the problem but not experience what the other person experienced. This would also extend to your dreamtime.

Yikes. Well, yes, it is a bit different. Do you have any more questions? No. Hey, thanks. That was interesting.

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