Saturday, April 22, 2006

Checking In

This morning the creativity I’ve had of late appears to have deserted me. Because it is the weekend and I have the time I feel the need to post something of interest here, except, I can’t think of anything very interesting to say. In the last few days I’ve started posts and then after a few sentences have decided not to continue. The news I was going to talk about was bad, boring or indifferent. The problem is I’ve been having bouts of high blood sugar and I’m not sure what to do about them. I was sick earlier in the month and this, I believe, triggered these higher glucose levels.

It sucks.

The good news is I will be seeing my doctor on Monday. I’ll tell him what’s going on and maybe he will have some suggestions. I know one of the things is to move except my foot has been bothering me for 4 months. So, I move slowly. Anyway, once again this is one of those diseases that I feel I’ve brought upon myself. Where do I get off complaining? Diabetes runs in my family. I snagged it.

Yesterday morning as I dragged myself to work I thought of how crappy I felt. Then, in an attempt to be a little lighthearted I thought, “Does that make me a crappy psychic?”

Back to learning about sections…it goes slowly, my attention span isn’t good. But, I’m determined to get this project moving. I want to see my book for sale! Maybe I’ll set the alarm for 20 minutes. During that period of time I should learn at least something.

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