Friday, April 28, 2006


I just realized I don’t have a nickname for my husband.  I just call him Dennis in the blog.  He doesn’t mind.  At least, he doesn’t read the blog, so I suppose what he doesn’t see doesn’t hurt him.  There’s logic there right?  Anyway, I was thinking of a nickname and DeeDude came to mind.  I’ll have to ask him what he thinks…if I should start calling him DeeDude here in the blog….

Okay, I asked him.  DeeDude it is.  He said at first I should just call him D which is what I call him in the house, but I said it wasn’t long enough for the blog.  It needed to be fancier for blog use.


He does have a nickname for me.  He’s called me The Chief for years.  I like it.  It means I’m the boss and I have the last say in anything going on.  Yeah, right.  But, it’s my nickname.  

We do talk in initials and have done so for years.  It started out by us declaring our undying love for each other in a more or less public place where it wouldn’t really be appropriate to say out loud, “I love you.”  So, we shortened it to ILY.

From there we moved on:

ILYTM is I love you this many (with fingers flicking to indicate many and much love)

What’s the BP for D?   What’s the big plan for dinner?

LO’s – Left Overs
SFY – Shift for Yourself

What’s the BP for the ROD?  What’s the big plan for the rest of the day?
That’s the DSOT.  That’s the dumbest show on tv.
GA – Go Away
LFG – Let’s fu**ing go

I think there are more, but I can’t think of them right off the bat.

Happy Friday.

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