Friday, April 14, 2006

Going to Work Now

Aiyee, but I’m tired right now. Almost punch drunk is what it feels like. Anyway, I had a hard night sleeping. Finally got up at 2:ish and wrote for a couple of hours. Real cathartic stuff dealing with psychological sludge being dredged up by being on a diet. And, you thought it was just losing weight. Ha. No wonder I don’t lose weight that often. This will be the third and, I hope, last time I have to do this in this lifetime. First time I lost 75 pounds. Second time I lost 50 pounds. Now, I have to lose over 100 pounds. I hope never to have to do this again, she repeats.

Anyway, I don’t feel so hot today. I suppose having been sick for the last 2 weeks hasn’t helped much. In all, I’ve lost 5 pounds, but, the psychological shit coming up because of that loss is truly amazing. I won’t discuss it here because I want you to think better of your neighborhood psychic. Emotionally, I feel better right now. Probably will be a better psychic, we all hope, too…weee, what’s that? You say you’re from Mars?

Ye, gadzooks! That’s Gadzooks. Must be capitalized. Comes from God. Capitalize God. Should also capitalize Gadzooks.
Thanks. And, might I ask who you are?
Polite, isn’t she?
Tired too. And, I’ve got to leave for work in 10 minutes. You’re not really from Mars are you?
No, though I’ve seen it from afar.
I’m sorry, I just can’t get moving for this. I’m shaky right now.
Yes, we understand. We won’t push you….far anyway….hahahahaha.
Oh, funny.
Yes, you laughed.
Yes. Thanks, I needed that.
Give you kiss.
You sound like that bald guy on The Lord of the Rings…
Who, Dear?
The Precious guy…what was his name? The frog like guy. Oh, I can’t think and it’s not coming to me. Gollum.

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