Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's Sunday, Dear.

Did you ever get something for free, a gift that comes out of the blue?  I got one today.  I thought it was Monday.  I wasn’t looking forward to going to work.  I’d awakened this morning from a “work dream”.   In my dream the disciplinary actions being taken in my company involved laying a piece of wood on people’s foreheads as they sat before the person applying punishment and that person taking a stick of wood and cracking it so hard on the person’s forehead that the stick broke in their hands.  Then, they’d do it again breaking the stick down farther and farther until there wasn’t anything left.  Each time they took a whack at the person’s head they’d have to apply more force to get the job done just because their stick was getting shorter and shorter and it took more force for it to break against the person’s forehead.  That’s what I woke up from.  I think it’s time to either find a new job or to at least find out why I’m not happy there anymore.

Though, if you figure that I’m on a diet and I hate diets and everything “bad” happening now can be directly attributed to me losing weight…well, that’s a thought too.  Maybe I’ll explore that later on today.

Anyway, I spent most of the day yesterday being sick.  I’m still not all the way better.  But, I woke up and thought I was going to have to get up a little earlier than normal so I could wash my hair…and go to work.  

Then, I began to go back over the weekend in my head.  Mostly, I was sick.  But, now I was a little confused about it being Monday.  Dennis was snoring holes in my ear so I tried to wake him up, both to get him to stop snoring and to ask him what day it was. When he wouldn’t wake up I figured it was just as well.  I didn’t figure he’d have been too pleased when all I wanted to know was what day it was.  

I walked down the hallway thinking that it’s 5:00 am.  If it was Monday I was just up a little early.  If it turned out to be Sunday, that would be okay too.  Now, I’m awake wondering what I do to find out what day it is.  I thought of the Sunday paper.  I hadn’t seen it yesterday, though it was possible Dennis might have disposed of the entire thing without me being aware of it.  

I make myself coffee and get our vitamins out.  I’m still wondering what day it is.  I wondered if I called for the time on the telephone if they’d say what day it was.  Then, I thought of picking out POPCORN, the number for time, on the phone and that bugged me.  I can hardly see anyway and trying to pick POPCORN out on the phone when I don’t even know what the crap day it is just did not appeal to me.  

I’d turned on my computer before I’d gone down the hallway.  By the time my coffee was ready I knew I could find out from there what day it was.  I’ve got this calendar program that resides on my desktop.  It’s got a weenie calendar on it and 9 was circled.  Except, it looked to me like the 9 was a Monday.  My heart sank.  Oh, shit.  It was Monday.  Then, again I thought I should be real sure.  I knew if I hovered the mouse over the time in the lower right hand corner of the screen I’d know for certain.  It said, “Sunday, April 9”  

So, Yay…I’ve got an extra day to do the things I want to do.  But, why did it happen?  Am I so stressed out over things that my mind is playing tricks on me?  

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