Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I wish it were Friday. If it was Friday then I wouldn’t feel guilty about starting a blog entry at 9:22 pm. It would be more along the lines of, “Hey, I’m just getting started.” Well, I’m breaking a rule tonight. Figure I can be in bed by 10:00 pm and not be any the worse for wear. Why? you say. It’s because in my old age I just need more sleep. Also, I was sick all last week and I think I’m still throwing off the dregs of it.

But, it occurred to me that I have fun blogging. I enjoy my audience, albeit a small audience. There are some folks who come read what I have to say and whether or not it’s stunningly spoken or stiltingly stuttered, still it’s what I’m saying. And, my voice all these years has been a hesitant one. Not anymore.

When I first considered blogging I’d already had an established website. I’ve been working on Talking To Spirit since 2001, so, it’s been around awhile. But, a website is different than a blog. You can still hide behind something on a website and be the webmaster or webmistress. You can also say, “we” a lot. Then folks think there might actually be a team working on things when, in actuality it’s just me and my invisible friends. I’m a psychic channel, so though they don’t type any they do tend to talk a lot and sometimes I just let them have center stage. But, that aside, I would say things like, “We plan” and “We’ve worked hard”. Well, it was me.

So, I heard about blogging and thought I’d like to try my hand at it. I had no idea what I was getting into. In the beginning I was so afraid that somebody might recognize me. Of course, I’d thought the same thing with my website. What if somebody from my company saw this? Well, all these years have gone by and nobody gives a flying you know what and as far as I can tell not too many people I know, family included, read my website or my blog. So, I’ve become emboldened and feel comfortable writing in my blog.

It’s not scintillating stuff. It’s not a cure for cancer. It’s what I think about. It’s my friends who have interesting things to say too. A group blog. Ha. Well, actually, you guys haven’t had anything to say lately…you wanna talk?

Okay. Are you going to start talking?
In a minute. I’m composing myself.
Oh, I can’t see you. It was just sort of quiet.
Did you think I’d gone away?
No. Who are you, by the way?
You don’t know?
I could guess. Seth?
Ha! Hi.
Hi yourself. How did you guess?
Well, I’m always talking about you.
I don’t know why.
Well, nobody would believe that somebody could go around just talking to Elvis any old time they wanted to.
It’s a good thing your company doesn’t read this blog or you’d be out on your fanny.
Okay….we’ll talk later, then. You want some time this weekend?
Okay, it’s a date.
I’ll bring the chips.


tal said...

i read yor blog avery day. i think from its beginning. i am from israel(sirian origings) i dont know well eanuf eng' and therfor i dont write usually any comments, but this one realy moved me and i wanted to tell you that even one as i read and enjoy your blog (athervise i woudn'n) i am a working 50 year old woman. i wish you good health and sory for the mistaiks. hope you understand the energy behinde them....

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi Tal,

I love to hear from the folks who visit. Don't apologize for your English, I understand completely! Thank you for taking the time to write....oh, and Elvis says Hello.