Saturday, April 08, 2006


I’ve spent the last few hours sweeping across Talking To Spirit.  I’ve added text to a few of the pages and in the process have found a few places where links did not work anymore and other places where I added links to improve things.  The largest improvement I made today, I think, was to increase the font size across the entire website.  My own eyes are getting bad.  And, I will not even try to read websites and blogs where the printing is so tiny that I’ve got to lean forward almost squishing my forehead and nose up to the monitor to try to read.  So, I made a large print website today.  Most of it anyway.

I also added a resource page on Dead People the other day.  It just seemed to be appropriate.

I’m still sick, though it isn’t as bad as it was a few days ago.  It’s the stage you get to where you are just climbing out of the ditch and are just getting ready to be well again.  Yikes, it’s been a horrible week.  Working when you are sick has got to be one of the most godawful things anybody has to do.  I hope my company appreciates it.  In any case, now the boss is sick.  My supervisor had it and then I got it and then we gave it to the boss.  

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