Saturday, April 01, 2006


I bought myself a new sewing machine a couple of weeks ago at Sears. It’s a Kenmore Mini Ultra. I always make a point of taking a quick look at the sewing machines when I’m in the store, though it’s been forever since I’ve done any sewing. The main reason I haven’t is because my old machine is pretty heavy and it’s just too much trouble to haul it out of the closet, clear room from my desk and set it up. It just takes up too much room.

So, I see this Mini machine. Hey, it does a straight stitch, a zigzag and a triple stitch zigzag; the three stitches I use the most. It’s also got some blind hemming stitches which I’ve never figured out how to use and a button holer attachment. It was also $99 marked down to $69 and it only took me 3 seconds to say, “It’s mine”. It's lightweight and I'm going to be able to store it on one of the book shelves behind me. So, it will be real easy to get at when I'm in the mood to sew.

I tried it out today for the first time. Right out of the bag it’s perfect because I can actually just leave it sitting in front of me while I use my computer. I couldn’t do that with my other machine because it was too tall. So, I’ve got an even better setup because I could conceivably just leave it out and sew when the notion took me…which, really moves my caboose today because I have never had that luxury.

So, here are some of the dog and cat toys I've been sewing today.

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