Saturday, April 15, 2006


The idea that you can make a difference in the world without actually expending much personal effort is a novel thought. We can sit here and think about how noble it is, what a high ideal it is to improve our world. But, then you get to thinking about how all the politicians are in control, how you don’t have time with the 3 jobs you hold, the situation just doesn’t lend itself to you being able or powerful enough to really make a bit of difference.

I want to suggest that with just the tiniest spark you can really make a difference.

Just put a smile on your face. Even if you are down in the dumps force a smile. The muscles in your face are going to protest. You’re in a foul mood, you don’t feel well, the demands you have at work are difficult to deal with, the neighbors are tense. Do it anyway. Smile.

The act of smiling is going to open up the energies in your body. You might start crying, but that’s okay too. Just smile. It’s like you’ve been on this trip on the freeway. There’s only one place to go and that’s straight ahead. You don’t have to think about the road, you’re almost on automatic pilot. That’s you in a bad mood. That’s you unable to contribute or even help yourself. Now, you take an exit and begin traveling a different road. That’s you with a smile on your face. That’s you being less of the victim and more of a person who knows they are in control of their life. That’s you creating your own reality. So what if it feels forced. So what if it feels fakey. You’re going to get used to it. What’s it going to cost to just try it for pity’s sake? Just smile.

And, if it feels really odd to smile right now go into your bathroom and close the door. Stand in front of the mirror and smile now. Look into your eyes and just for a moment in time imagine the heart and soul of you, the star stuff part of you that endures forever. And, think of how that part of you couldn’t exist if it was always in a bad mood. That part of you, the part of you connected to Spirit is always smiling. Try to reconnect just for a moment in time to a happier part of yourself.

The next thing to do with this idea of making a difference in the world is to wait and, to keep smiling. You’re going to find that whatever issues you have shoved into a closet are going to revisit you and wait to be addressed. It’s like when you try to break in a new pair of shoes. They hurt for a little bit until you get the leather all formed well to the shape of your foot. Okay, so you address a few of the issues. And, you’re still smiling. It’s not so forced now. It feels a little bit more natural.

And, while you find yourself in a better mood, while you are now a little bit better balanced psychologically and emotionally because you’ve been tending to your own business you’re also a stronger more vibrant person. And, that’s where you start making a difference in your world, because people will benefit from your good vibrations. They’re going to come into contact with you and walk away with a smile on their face because it is contagious.

It's called right company. And, you can be at the hub of change at the center of your piece of the universe.


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