Saturday, April 29, 2006

Stuck Today

I’ve noticed that folks dedicate a day a week to some sort of subject for their blogging efforts. It occurred to me that I might do the same. I am interested in learning more about the Tarot. What better than to have Tarot Tuesday?

I think I’ve been obsessing lately on my projects, namely my book. I’m going absolutely nowhere with it. All I need to do is learn how to fix the sections. Then, I need to come up with a cover. But, I’m absolutely stuck.

Something else I did today to waste time was to download the new beta version of Internet Explorer 7. Bad move. It started out looking real interesting. It did all that the old one did and I could once again view source. From there it went downhill. It got to the point where I’d start the program and it would shut off. Turns out I’d have to run it without any add-ons, which meant I couldn’t use my Google toolbar or view anything that had Active X running. I uninstalled it and thankfully my older version was still intact as were all my bookmarks. For now if I want to view source I’ll have to use Netscape, which doesn’t thrill me.

Other than that I did absolutely zilch today. Started a load of laundry really early this morning, but went back to bed at 8:00 am. DeeDude put it all in the dryer for me. When I went down at noon to unload it I found it wasn’t all the way dry. I couldn’t even get enthused about running the dryer for another 20 minutes. God, what’s wrong with me? I haul it all upstairs and figure it will be okay to put away. Yeah, right. So, I fired up the oven and loaded it all in there. When I told DeeDude he didn’t believe me. But, it worked. I ironed two of the tee shirts dry and hung the jeans up figuring when we wear them 2 or 3 days from now they’ll be dry by then. Okay, here’s a psychic thingie for you. I just “saw” my mother holding her nose. Thanks Mom!

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