Sunday, April 02, 2006


Right thinking is sort of like right company. At least, I’m intending it to be the subject of this post and while this was just a thought that I had, it occurred to me that there’s more there than we might think.

Okay, so talking about an overall tenor of who you are and what you are about. Say you are a sex crazed young adult. Everything you see is going to make you think of sex. Or, if you are overweight and obsess about food a lot of the time, most anything that happens to you is going to make you head toward the kitchen in search of whatever is not tied down.

What made me think of this was as I was moving through the Blog Explosion array of blogs to read this morning and I came upon a blog that typically talks about business stuff. The guy had gone to see a kid’s movie with his kids and it clicked with him and he moves forward with a business like blog entry that has its roots in the kid’s movie he just watched. I thought to myself that this guy is so tied into thinking about everything with a slant towards business sorts of things that he can even see something of worth and interest to talk about after he’s watched a little kid’s movie.

That got me to thinking. What about when I am in a bad mood? What about when I’m in a pity me sort of mood? Everything that happens to me and around me is sort of pissy. Nothing excites me, nothing is interesting. People say and do the things that just set me off. Is that their fault or mine?

As opposed to when I am in a creative loop. Like I am right now. Even though I am sick and am whining a bit, still this wonderful little sewing machine is sparking all sorts of creative juices. I’m in the midst of sewing some beads on a tiny little pin cushion just the right size for my very small desk area. I can retire the huge, all purpose pin cushion I’ve been using for years and use this one instead. Additionally, I’ve had these seed beads for over 8 years and have done nothing with them.

I got enthused about beading right before I had my first bad attack of carpel tunnel syndrome. That set me back. I was frantic for a while because even though the bread winning part of my life is as a secretary and I type there I don’t type nearly as much as I do when I am home and have assumed my mantel of channel/writer. That’s what really pushed my buttons. But, 8 years have passed, I no longer have the horrible pain, have my grip back, can hold a pen and can type like the wind (about 50 words a minute, but they think I type faster than that at work). And, the more important thing is now I know how to pace myself when I’m typing. Every once in awhile I get up and walk around to loosen up somewhat. I also know if I get that telltale pain shooting into my fingertips or my wrist starts to hurt even a little bit that I need to stop typing immediately and put ice on then and later on in the evening.

Anyway, for some reason the timing between the carpel tunnel attack and the interest in beading were tied together. I’ve had thoughts over the years since then that I’d love to do something with those beads, but I don’t because I think my hands wouldn’t be able to do it. Why I thought that, I just don’t know. It’s one of those things that I’ve clung to against all sensible thinking. So, today is a momentous day for me. I’m sewing and I’m beading and the combination of those two things have sparked a torrent of creative thinking that’s spilling out into these pages.

So, back to right thinking. Seth has maintained that we create our own reality. I think this is a keystone to it. But, the right thinking is going to trigger all the things to support the reality you want. And, dealing with unconscious fears is necessary to move forward too. Like I thought I couldn’t bead because of my carpel tunnel syndrome. Why didn’t I think that it is being handled? Why didn’t I make the connection that if I can type I can bead? Hello? It’s like there are two me’s. There’s this unconscious me that holds the reins. That unconscious me has ties that go way back to childhood crapolla. Anybody in their right adult mind would look at the child holding the reins and say, “Come on. Get a grip. Things have changed. We’re all grown up here now. Let go. We’re 50 years old now and we want to live the rest of our life with gusto and verve and maybe if we lose some weight in a smaller than a tent sized dress.”

Right. My friend Thayer said going on a diet was going to trigger some shit. I think that is what is happening here. Something to think about.

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