Saturday, April 15, 2006

You Might Not Need A Psychic

Why do people go to psychics anyway? I wasn’t always a psychic. And, I remember times when I would have loved to go to a psychic. But, it just wasn’t something that nice people did. Go see a psychic.

Except, the idea kept teasing me. I actually did finally break down and get my fortune read with tarot cards one day. My husband and I were in Berkeley. We love to visit the bookstores that line Telegraph Avenue right by the University of California: Moe’s, Cody’s, Shakespeare’s, Half Priced Books and in those days Shambala. It was a summer day, on a weekend and we chanced to come upon 2 different people reading Tarot cards for folks.

They were set up on opposing corners at an intersection, both with a card table and two folding chairs, one for themselves and one for their client. I thought, “Do I dare?” I did. And, plunked down $15 for a reading. The man laid out the cards and said to me, “This isn’t your reading. This is your husband’s reading.” I kept listening. He said, “There is great distress coming. There will be financial hardship.” Okay. I went away puzzled. Some months later my husband broke his back and wasn’t able to work for 2 years. Life, though, was still manageable. We lived on our credit cards in part. His back healed. He eventually even ran in a marathon. He’s in a much better job now, much happier writing and being a real estate editor of a neighborhood paper. He’s a neighborhood activist of sorts.

But, the cards read for me that day were true, though a little ominous. I could have walked away from that reading frightened. But, it did serve to point out to me there are all sorts of ways that you can present bad news. I personally would not do that to a client. I tend to look on the optimistic side and would have presented this dire warning in the form of a life challenge. I might have said, “Life is going to get interesting for you. You’re going to be engaged in a lot of personal growth some of which will be financial in nature. But, in the end it’s all going to work out well.” Of course, you get what you pay for too.

So, if I had spent more money for the reading would it have been presented any differently? Maybe. I don’t know the heart and soul of the person who did my reading that day. I do know that I would not have wanted to spend all day sitting at a card table. But, this was also part of the process of me learning how to be a psychic.

I’ve done psychic readings for people where they really, really want to be told good news. And, I just don’t see the good news they are looking for. What I see is them on a roller coaster and they just don’t want to get off. They have consistently left a series of blasted relationships behind them and they want me to tell them that their new marriage is going to be successful? Define successful, please. Anyway, I told them that life was going to be interesting. And, it was. They aren’t married now, but it was interesting.

I’m not so into doing readings anymore for people. Their disappointment was just too much for me to take. But, that’s not to say that you can’t do your own readings. Buy a pack of Tarot Cards and do readings for yourself. You might find something you can get interested in. You don’t have to be a psychic to read the cards. The psychic insights can develop gradually. But, learn the cards for yourself. It could be a nice summer’s project. I’ve collected a number of resources where you can learn how to read the cards for free at Talking To Spirit.

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Profiler said...

Hi - awesome blog! We are soooo much alike - I love the story of the guides nose. That sounds like something my guides would do. I have many similar experiences. I used to go to SWC too - thank you for the links to the new sites. I tried them and I like them!