Sunday, May 14, 2006

Channeling Funny

Now, this is a channeling funny. I’m not sure if it’s one of those where you had to be there, but I will make the attempt.

DeeDude and I were all set to watch, “The Sopranos” tonight. They always do a little re-cap at the beginning for the highlights of the last show. The last thing that had happened was that Paulie was having prostrate problems. This had frightened him so badly that he had started down that road of reconciliation with his aunt who had raised him to all the world as his mother. His mother, in fact, who he thought was his aunt was a nun. ‘Nuff said. Paulie was truly pissed when he found out this factoid and had shunned his aunt/mother. His mother/aunt had passed on and it was on her deathbed that she’d told Paulie the truth. So, we went a few shows where Paulie didn’t treat his aunt/mother very nice where before he would have walked over shards of glass for the lady.

So, now he has the specter of terrible problems looming over him and the final scene last week was him sitting quietly with his aunt/mother on a sofa watching, “The Lawrence Welk Show” in her retirement home.

It was at that point somebody in my head said, “We don’t care how they get here, just that they get here.” Meaning, seeking reconciliation will get you religion and saving and all of that and even though you do it out of fear it still counts. I shouted with laughter when they said that. My husband looked at me in confusion and I relayed what had been said.

Something else that happened today that has nothing to do with anything except that DeeDude said this should get him off the hook for doing laundry for the rest of his natural days and that is that he washed his wallet.

I took a picture of it. All washed. All the money. All the credit cards. His driver’s license. He did not have his social security card in it because that had been retired to my jewelry case because it had been washed some years ago and looks like it. As I was sorting through his cards I came upon his driver’s license and set it to the top of the pile. He looked at it and said, “Oh, that’s not current.” I examined it and saw that it had expired some years ago. Not asked was why he hadn’t taken it out of his wallet. So, I continued through the stack of cards and did not find the current license. He starts hyperventilating. I said, “Why don’t you go downstairs and see if you dried it.” Sure enough, that’s where it was: In the dryer.

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