Friday, May 26, 2006

Everyday Grace

If you think that we create our own reality then does it not follow that we can create our own happiness?  And, how about the rough week at work I had?  Everything that could go wrong went wrong.  What about that?  I think what I should do in reflecting upon the week is to say to myself that next week I’m going to try a little harder to be kind.  I’m going to try a little harder to put myself in the shoes of the other guy.  I’m going to try a little harder to say to myself that where I want to be is where I can be of the most use.  I’m going to try a little harder not to be judgmental.  And, I’m going to find the time for 5 minutes of stillness at the beginning of my day.

I really didn’t realize how very wearing all of this grinding is.  I just finished watching Marianne Williamson speak on, “Everyday Grace”.  It’s on DVD, our current selection from NetFlix.  In wondering what I was going to write about for my newsletter for next month, I had moved from mild anxiousness to Panic City, but, after watching this DVD I can think of so many different things I’d like to talk about.  

What I’ve been doing is trying to make music with a comb and a piece of waxed paper that buzzes uncomfortably against my lips.  I didn’t need it.  All I need to do is sing.

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