Thursday, June 22, 2006

It Made Me Laugh

Yesterday I had deep planing cleaning done on half of my mouth. Ouch. It still aches. Anyway, I knew that my biorhythms were low, but this morning I just wanted to look at them again. There is a school of thought that goes: schedule surgery and stuff like that to happen when your physical biorhythms are low so that the healing process will be better because your biorhythms are then on the upswing. Anyway, I go have a look again today. Intellectually I was pretty high which helped with all those meetings I had to attend yesterday and the day before and with my work. Physically, I hit rock bottom yesterday and today emotionally I hit rock bottom. I chewed my lip for a couple of seconds.

Then, I scrolled down to see the set of secondary biorhythms. I don't usually look at these too often. They are wisdom, passion and mastery. So, wisdom and mastery were sort of hovering around in the middle of the chart, but passion was rock bottom. One of the guides said right then, "Well, you're just no fun at all, are you?" It made me laugh.

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