Sunday, June 18, 2006

Shift Your Attitude - Channeled Info

If you determine your reality, if it is you who creates the reality that you experience why in the world would you place yourself in the wrong spot?  Take all of this one step further and say to yourself, “Now, that we have determined that I alone create my reality, that I am made of star stuff, that I am as much of Spirit as the Guides and Folk in Spirit I talk to, why would I dump myself in such a dismal place?”  Well, this also brings forward the idea that there is no good or bad, it all just is.  So, you are being polar as you determine that where you live is a dump, that your job sucks, that the people you work with are morons at best and totally insensitive jerks at worst.  

Can you rise above all of this?  It is not going to make it go away, what you might do is change the way you feel about it all.  If you were a movie star do you think all you would hear are the complimentary things people have to say?  Of course not. Just as many people have nasty things to say.  Does the movie star hear them?  Of course they do.  Are they going to cry their eyes out every time somebody says something nasty?  No.  They develop a thick skin.  The insult rolls off of them.  It does not hurt.  At least not once they have learned the trick of not allowing it to hurt them.  They have a determination and a drive to get to wherever they think they need to be.  

If  you were so changed that you just no longer fit at your job or where you live things would move along smartly.  But, for now, they are not moving.  And, you are miserable, or, if not totally miserable, at least somewhat dissatisfied.  Seek to change your outlook.  Have that be your main thought for a few days.  Don’t worry about how to implement this, just think, “My outlook is different now.  I am at peace.  I am happy.” And wait.  What will happen is that you will very gently open up to the idea that things can be different for you.  You will find the things you need to read, you will come across the teachers you need to make this work.  They won’t spend much time in your life.  They will flit across your awareness briefly and lay an egg.  You will become sticky paper that will only attract those ideas which will support you in your desire to be happy.

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