Wednesday, June 07, 2006

There's More than One Way to Twitch Your Nose

This morning, as with many other mornings, I was surrounded by idiot drivers on my way to work. Generally, they end up right behind me. Finally, they get a tiny little space where they can squeeze by me creating a lane where there was no lane before to speed ahead only to turn off 50 feet farther down the road. This is where I find out how good my blood pressure medicine is. Anyway, the yahoo who was behind me this morning was in a huge truck with darkened windows and bore down upon me like something out of a Stephen King novel. I had this passing thought where I wished I could cast a spell and do something to him, something other than make my lips move to the tune of, “You a**hole” as he sped past me.

Many, many years ago when I first started channeling I remember that Seth had said many people would think I’d become a witch. Now, in the early days of anybody’s channeling the information you get is supposed to be considered suspect just because the guides sort of yank your chain while you are learning…sort of toppling you off whatever mountain you think you’re standing on. So, I hadn’t really lent much weight to that particular announcement.

However, when I was a girl I used to love the television program, “Bewitched”, and many times wanted to be like Samantha Stevens. Just imagine, twitch your nose and wonderful things could happen.

Anyway, I’m still on my way to work this morning after Road Hog has gone past me. Oh, should we not now consider the psychological implications of having shit like this happen and I could discover underlying wounds and/or needs that could be addressed and, perhaps, healed? Oh, no, nothing as simple as that. I want, again, to cast a spell.

Except, I don’t know how. So, the guides started coaching me. Make a rhyme, they said. I can’t, I said. They said it’s like knowing how to rap. It eventually gets easier and into your blood. They said to state what I want to have happen and work from there. They said it works better when there is a lot of emotion behind the wish. Then, they said it could either be a malevolent thing where I could wish something terrible to happen or something more benign where the idiot stops doing whatever he/she is doing that’s irritating me. I’d opt out for the stop doing, more benign version. Malevolent will likely land me in Purgatory for too long. Anyway, that was the conversation on the way to work today.

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