Friday, July 28, 2006

The Busy Woman's Helper

I’ve got the day off today and a lot to be done. Interestingly, I awakened this morning with an idea for a new product. You could call it alternatively, The Busy Woman’s Helper, or The Nag, or if a man was using it The HoneyDo. Something along those lines.

It’s a cordless headset with a microphone attachment that can swing up or down depending on whether you are using it or not. It’s a reminder system. You tell it all the things you want to do during the course of the day. Laundry, fix up a new computer, shopping, clean the house, whatever it is that you would like to accomplish. Also, it could have some preprogrammed things stored into its memory so that you don’t ignore things and let your house become unsightly by not picking things up or cleaning it every once in awhile.

It just reminds you that it’s time to do things. Time to vacuum. Time to put the wet laundry in the dryer. You have the option of saying, “Cancel” or “Reschedule” for any particular reminder. Deedude said you should be able to say bad words too, so it will be able to recognize a rude reschedule or cancel.

And, if you cancel or reschedule too much (this was DeeDude’s idea) you should get 50,000 volts. I think that much would probably put somebody in the hospital or six feet under, so maybe the shock should be milder. I asked him where you get this shock since you’re wearing headphones and he said they should plant a chip in your butt.

Together we make an awesome duo.

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