Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cats and Birds

I got an email today asking for help in learning how to talk to the animals. I’ve actually only had just a handful of times when I’ve talked to live animals…and, even then I wondered if it had actually happened or been a by product of talking to the guides, like they might have relayed on the message. Anyway, for me it is hit or miss. Live animals. However, talking to those who’ve passed on is a different matter. Channeling is channeling whether you’re talking to Elvis, Seth or your great-aunt Martha.

Now, for the really weird part. Once we were doing experiments out on my patio with channeling and we decided to channel the plastic chairs we were sitting in. I kid you not. Mine ended up like a really high pitched screaming, squeaky sound. Very, very strange. I’ve never sat in a chair with quite the same aplomb that I did before.

Anyway, the experiment was to illustrate that everything has consciousness and our mission was to tap into the consciousness of ordinary plastic patio furniture.

I promise to talk more about talking to the animals this weekend, though I will leave you with one story.

I was holding on to our youngest cat. She was still a kitten in those days and the great attraction in the kitchen were the two parakeets, Buzz and Gus who had a large cage over top of the microwave oven. They sat in a primo place to observe all that went on in our main living areas, which was the kitchen, the dining area and our living room. The cage was also tied up so that if any cat decided to climb the cage they couldn’t do any harm. At the time we must have had 8 cats living with us and at some point they had all made the trip up onto the bird cage. But, only once because they couldn’t go anywhere and it was sort of scary besides.

The birds knew this. They and the cats got along. Nobody seemed to prey on anybody else or use intimidation or anything like that. Birds and cats co-existed in our house fine. Except, Mimi was absolutely fascinated with the birds. She used to spend hours sitting beside the cage. The time in question I’d scooped her up and was holding her while we stood in front of the cage looking at Buzz and Gus. Suddenly one of the birds started in with a real rapid twittering parakeets will do when they are irritated about something. I thought Mimi had pushed the envelope and had just annoyed the crap out of the birds, so I was talking to her about how she shouldn’t bother the birds. What was startling was to hear a psychic voice whine plaintively to me, “But, they were teasing me.” Those birds had gone and gotten the cat in trouble. What a hoot!

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