Saturday, July 29, 2006

Do It Yourself Psychic Stuff

This is in answer to an email I received this morning. The person wanted to know if they had to be sitting with the psychic in order for the psychic to reach the person in spirit they wanted to hear from.

It is possible to contact spirits if you are not sitting with the person. Some psychics prefer to have a picture of you to hold in their hands. I remember Barb likes to do that. But, others are okay with a birthday or maybe just your name. I think why that is, is to give the psychic a handle to grab hold of as they launch themselves out into the void.

And, you can make the same contact without going through anybody. It might not be as plain spoken, but if you concentrated on the person in question and thought about them before you go to bed for several days in a row you might just have them visit you in a dream.

What it requires, though, is that you be able to remember your dreams. And, that is easily accomplished too. Before you go to bed give yourself some instructions that you will awaken in the morning remembering your dreams. You might not be able to remember all of them, but at least you could remember the last one you had before you awakened. Then, it is very, very important that you write the dream down because, from experience I know that if you don't write it down right away you're going to forget bits and pieces of it. As you get better at doing this, both in remembering to suggest to yourself every night before you go to bed that you're going to remember your dreams and in spending the time to write them down in the morning when you awaken you'll find that you will probably begin to awaken during the course of the night as you dream other dreams. That's when having a little note pad beside your bed where you just write down a very, very few key words that you look at in the morning and they will trigger your memories of the during the night time dreams so that you can write them down too and you will be able to go back to sleep easily without having a lot of angst about being able to remember it.

Okay, so say doing all of this takes about a month's time. During that time you can also be thinking of the person you want to contact. And, maybe if they deem it appropriate they will show up in your dreams to say hello.

Now, the only problem with doing that is that in the morning you awaken from your dream to know that your folks have visited you in a dream where you were a scuba diver and they were taxi cab drivers on the bottom of the sea. Hey, it's a dream and weird things happen. What you want to do now is become lucid in your dreams. This is where you are dreaming, but you know you are dreaming. You are yourself and others in the dreams are themselves and it can be very much like your regular walk around in life. For me it hasn't happened too often. Generally, I get so excited by it that I wake myself up. Lots of resources out there to help you to learn how to dream lucidly.

The dream time is a perfect time for those who have passed to visit with us. My mother came to me first in a lucid dream. I awakened crying I was so happy to be able to hug and kiss her in my dream. After that, even though most of my dreams are not lucid ones she's managed to be in most of them. Generally, I will awaken in the morning knowing that my mother had been in a dream I'd had during the course of the night. I might not have spoken to her, but she was there in the sidelines being one of the players who populate my dreams now.

After I began to channel back in 1993 my dreams changed from me and somebody who had been chasing me (they were mostly always nightmares) to me and 150 different people. It's really pretty incredible. I've even had dreams where I was channeling.

Even though I am not doing readings at present I can give you some very standard "rules" about folks who have passed on.

1. They are now happy. If they'd been mad, mean, wicked, sad, in pain, blown up by rockets, murdered horribly, however their life was and however they died they are now happy. Without exception they are happy.

2. Everybody goes to Heaven. Eventually, anyway, everybody goes to Heaven. But, nobody gets stuck in Hell forever no matter how bad on Earth they were. Once you are dead you are the one who determines what your reality is same as when you are alive and if you think you were bad enough to go to Hell that is where you end up. After awhile your guide or somebody who does that sort of work will come to convince you that you've served your time and it's okay to go home to Heaven.

3. No regrets. Nobody who dies ever has any regrets. Even though they may have left a young husband and children and work seemingly undone they actually have no regrets. We are the ones with regrets.

4. People who die don't sit on clouds like we see in pictures. They live very busy lives in Heaven. They all have jobs. They live in houses. They are busy studying, praying, helping, playing golf, etc.

5. They come back again. Generally speaking, the older the soul the quicker they are to recycle themselves. It's like they can't wait to get back into the mix again. But, it all depends on the person how long they intend to hang around in Heaven before they come back again. Maybe they spend 300 years our time in Heaven, maybe they spend only 8 months.

6. When it is time to come back they are the ones who decide what it is they will be concentrating on in the next incarnated lifetime. It's sort of like, "Hmmm. Let's see I didn't do so well with sharing in the last lifetime. That was a hard one for me to learn. I think I need to spend some more time doing that. Also, I think it's time for me to die in an accident. Is there anybody who can help me on that one? Okay, I think I want to be married to Joe again. Joe, are you willing? We've been related twice before and married already in 3 other lifetimes. I feel like hanging out with you again."

7. There is also Karma to take into account too. What goes around comes around. You've been bad in this lifetime? Guess what? You'll likely be on the receiving end in the next lifetime. Something like that. Also, since you're the one picking out the things you'll be aiming for, your major life lessons, you'll also be aware of whatever pain you'll be enduring. This is where we all say our higher self sucks.

Anyway, that's a really simplistic way of presenting it. I think there's a lot of guidance that comes in from other quarters for somebody to make decisions about what they want to do in their next incarnated lifetime. But, you get the idea.

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