Sunday, July 02, 2006

How Filthy Rich Do You Want To Be?

One of the things people go to Psychics for is to find out if they are ever going to be rich. One of the fist steps toward becoming rich is actually all in your mind. It’s how you look at life. It has to do with the cup empty or cup full idea.

It’s actually both pretty simple and pretty amazing. And, not too hard to accomplish. It starts with gratitude. If you can take a deep breath and just for the next 45 seconds be grateful for everything in your life you’ll be starting off on the right foot. Okay, so your back hurts and you’ve got irritable bowel syndrome. You aren’t 6 feet under yet. Be grateful. Okay, so you’ve got bills? Who hasn’t got bills? You can pay them, can’t you? Be grateful. Hey, it’s going to be a pretty day. You can accomplish quite a lot today. Make some brownies or something for after dinner. Splurge a little bit. Make it a holiday. Be grateful for what you already have.

One of the ways to create your own reality is to envision it in your mind. It all starts with a day dream. You concentrate on the idea. You actually implement real steps toward making that dream a reality. And, after you’ve obsessed on this idea for awhile you let it go. That’s a real important step in manifesting stuff. You let it go and allow it to bake, rise, cure, whatever. Allow it to come into being. Interestingly, it does.

You can start simple, too. Tape a picture of a piece of jewelry you’ve had your eye on, or a thing…computer, camera, shoes, whatever to a place where you are going to be looking at it a lot. Maybe tape a couple of them around. Your mind is on this thing. You are reminding yourself of this thing several times or many times during the course of the day. Then, sort of forget about it. And, see how long it takes for this “thing” to become reality in your life. Start small if you want to, just to see if the technique is going to work. It’s actually sort of spooky to see how fast these things happen.

Happy shopping.

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