Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Point of View

In learning to channel, in the very beginning it is difficult to determine whether you have actually made contact with your guide and if they are trying to talk to you.  You might think that you might have possibly heard somebody say something, but you just weren’t for certain positive about it.  Then, as things don’t change much you might tend to become discouraged and give up on the quest either permanently as a bad job or temporarily to return to it some time later on.  

I can say to you with the most heartfelt encouragement that your guide is there.  You just need to keep trying.

Also, even though you are an adult and you don’t live in a fantasy anymore this is the one place where inventiveness and imagination will help you.  On the wings of pretend is how this all happens.  You pretend, just that little glimmer of a whisper you thought you heard was real.  In your adult, rational, you can’t pass one over on me frame of mind you do an about face and become 5 years old again.  Just for the time it takes to make a more solid connection with Spirit.  Then, you can become a rational adult again, but the connection will have been made.  You need not pretend anymore, but you will now be able to hear your guide.  In point of fact, the connection you have, we all have, to Spirit is always there, has always been there and will always be there.  We just can’t sense it all the time.  All these exercises are meant to do is to get your inner mind’s eye to take another look at your reality.

So, pretend a little bit.  You’re not going to lose your job.  

It’s like pushing off into a swimming pool from the deep end.  You know how to swim.  You know how to float.  You are not going to drown.  You are safe.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  And float on the wings of pretend.  Quiet.  Reach out with an imaginary hand in welcome to your guide.  They might close their arms around you for a few seconds.  Be at peace.  

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