Saturday, July 15, 2006

Talking to the Animals

There are folks out there who will establish psychic communication with your animals. I’m not one of them. However, I respect what they do and totally believe that they are able to do it. The reason why I do is because I have occasionally talked to the animals myself. I’ve got a page about talking to the animals at Talking to Spirit. There are links there, too, to go talk to the folks who do talk to the animals.

Compared to channeling Folk in Spirit and dead guys talking to the animals happens along the same lines, but ends up being slightly different.

Here’s me talking to a dead guy: Hi. How are you? Them: Fine. How are you?

Here’s me talking to one of the animals: Hey. Them: Silence and ignoring me. Me: Hello there. Them: Where’s my dinner?

See what I mean? Of course, I’m trying to talk to cats. They aren’t always like that. But, they have this real definite idea of their place in the universe and of mine. These are the live cats. I actually prefer talking to the ones who have passed on. They are more like Folk in Spirit then. It’s a challenge to talk to a live animal.

But, for now I will respect the cats who live in my house and let them have their way when it doesn’t interfere too much with what I want…for instance, every piece of my furniture is considered property of cats. And, every piece looks like a giant cat scratching post. They have their own designated cat scratching areas, several in fact, but after the thrill is over they love to work the corner of the sofa to death or the arms on DeeDude’s chair. I’ve gotten used to it.

Cats don’t talk much, actually. They have these looks they give you. But, even folks who aren’t blatantly psychic will tell you that their cats talk to them. It’s all in how you interpret what they are trying to say. And, if you don’t understand them they will take a crap in your shoes or throw up in your briefcase.

Once I got a psychic hit from one of our cats. It was dinner time. For the most part our cats are inside at night and roam around outside during the day. They like to hang out on our patio. In those days we had quite a few of them. Tops was 12 cats at once. Now, we have 4 of them. But, when this happened there was a crowd of them. Come dinner time we used to parcel out the bowls of food between the kitchen and out on the patio just because it was too crowded for everybody to squeeze into the kitchen at once. I remember this one time Samantha was sitting out on the patio after all the bowls had been distributed, but she wasn’t eating. She was just sitting there watching the other cats eating. I looked at her and she said to me plain as day, “Inside cats do not eat outside.”

How this all makes a difference in my life? From now on when a cat will come to make their home with us I will psychically ask them, “Is it okay to call you Fluffy Drawers?” and wait for some sort of answer. I’m not sure that the responses are going to be as plain as those I get from Folk in Spirit I talk to. Maybe. I hope so. It just seems to be more respectful to ask an animal what they’d like to be called rather than just assign them a name like it was the Army or something.


abhay ghiara said...

Great post!! I remember Krista asking me to ask our cat Coco if she wanted to come home with us at the Oakland Animal Shelter (I was holding her then). She immediately started purring. Since then, even though Krista picked her out at the shelter, she has held that "He picked me."

The Muttering Muse said...

My dog Oreo talks to me all the time, she has very expressive eyes. Usually she says things like "give me a cookie" or "you don't really want to finish that steak do you?"