Wednesday, July 12, 2006


It never fails.  Just when I think I’m getting a handle on something I think of something that is either going to make things drag out longer or complicate the whole danged thing.  Actually, this will solve a problem.  I’m in the process of widening my other site, Talking To Spirit.  It’ll look better, be cleaner and have a little bit of CSS style stuff going on.  But, it doesn’t print nice.  I hate it when I go to a website and I want to print something and it just doesn’t do it.  I hate having to make my paper go landscaped or all the other little tricks you do to make something fit properly.  The other day I wanted to print something and the process wouldn’t work, so I just did a cut and paste of the pertinent info into a word document.  I don’t think the authors of the site would have liked that because their url wasn’t there and all sorts of identifying info was missing, but I got the info I wanted.  Except, now I’ve done it to other people.

Anyway, what I figured I would do is just have a printer-friendly page for each one.  I’ll just have to remember when I update a page that I also update the printer-friendly version.  I’d actually already done that with the recipes.  

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