Thursday, July 20, 2006

Vitamins For Your Mind

I’d like to comment on the value of taking 30 seconds or so to center yourself prior to beginning a new activity.  Like what I did right before I set out to write this piece.  I send out this thought to the universe that I would like to do something useful for the folks who are stopping by to read and maybe get some other person to begin to think along these lines.  It’s like vitamins for your mind.  

Picture this:  Here you are, on your lonesome.  You’re not bothering anybody and nobody is bothering you.  All by yourself.  Responsible for yourself.  Your thoughts are your own.  You are in command and in the driver’s seat.  

But, you take the time to close your eyes and draw a deep breath.  And, with your mind you reach out, knowing, expecting the wider universe to be there.  It’s sort of like opening the door to your house and stepping out onto the front porch to grab the newspaper.  And, as you are on the edge of this expanse of otherness you think to yourself of the gratitude you feel for seeing a new day, for being relatively healthy, for whatever it occurs to you to be grateful about right then.  

You think of what it is that you want to do right then: a new entry in your blog, a bunch of chores you had not been looking forward to, a new spreadsheet, a day at the office.  And, you ask for an assist to do it well.  You ask that the patience, the perseverance, the enthusiasm and the creativity you might need to do the task well be there for you.  You sort of sense these currents out there of what you are looking for and you breathe them in.  Or, in your mind’s eye you might just let down a barrier or two and allow those currents to wash over you and around you.  

It’s like the wide world is out there and as much yours as anybody else’s and there’s really no reason in the world why you cannot take advantage of it.  Go ahead.  Get wet.

And, I need to go get ready for work.  Have a nice day.

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The Wager Witch said...

You know - people who don't believe strongly in psychics or even have an inkling of trust in spirituality - can and probably should use this "cleansing" piece.

Have a good day at work!

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