Sunday, August 20, 2006

Archived Channeling Update is Complete

Holy cow! I’ve gotten the entire 365 day’s worth of archived channeling up on the web. All spiffed up and looks much better than it did. Two days it took me and my head is pounding. So, for now the entire site has been updated. It's taken me weeks of work.

I want to create printer friendly pages for the main pages at Talking To Spirit. They suck when you go to print them and nothing ticks me off worse than to want to print and have to landscape it or just miss out on seeing what’s at the edge of the screen. I never could figure out how to have it automatically resize itself to a piece of paper. I have a feeling that because I use a lot of tables on my pages that precludes the automatic resizing. Whatever. I will make the printer friendly versions shortly.

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