Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now?

I just finished reading Stephen King’s novel, “Cell”.  Absolutely terrific book. I highly recommend it.

And, I think because I’m such an admirer of him and his writing I sometimes make the larger attempt to pry and wonder how he writes and what he thinks about.

It’s interesting that he’s got channeling down.  He knows.  It comes across, certainly, as terrible and horrible, hey, he’s a scary book writer.  But, he knows.  I can tell.  

My take on it is that it’s all in how you interpret things.  If you think it’s going to be scary, then, likely it will be scary.  

But, what I love about Stephen King is how he takes really ordinary things that we don’t give two seconds to think much about and blows them up.  He takes the people and folks from around the edges of these things and watches as he stirs this pot.

I love the themes that go back and forth in his books.  I caught a whiff of, “The Stand” and of Roland, the Gunslinger and his crowd in this book.  And, though it was just a scent of these older and already published books, it was a familiar thing.  

Once in his book, “On Writing” he described how he came upon the stories he writes.  It was like he’d go out into the desert (of his mind and imagination) to go prospecting for stories.  They’d be there sticking up out of the ground and he’d be interested enough to go dig them up.  Voila.  Story.

I read that book so fast.  No wonder I’m fat.  I read like I eat sometimes.  And, enjoy both.

I owe Stephen King more than just the enjoyment I get from his books.  His writing was the catalyst I needed to awaken the psychic awareness within me.  Basically, I ended up overdosing on his books.  After that I saw 222’s everywhere, started knowing when the phone was going to ring and things of that nature.  One thing led to another and it wasn’t too many years later that I began channeling.  I’ve written out the larger story at Talking to Spirit

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