Sunday, August 13, 2006

Resources For Aliens

One of these days I have to make a Channeling Funnies page.  Just now I was knee deep in updating my resource and links pages at Talking To Spirit.  They are not in any particular order, just as it occurred to me to create them and I have the files numbered rather than named.  I get to file # 62 which happens to be Aliens.  I do my standard cut and paste on the title and stuff like that which ends up being: Resources for Aliens.  

I’m thinking I ought to have done this one early on in the project just because it was at the beginning of the alphabet, but evidently I did not.  Then, I look at the title:  Resources for Aliens.  That sounds like these are for Aliens not about them.  So, I change the title.  It now reads: Resources about Aliens.

That’s when one of the guides said, “Well, I guess that counts me out.”

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