Saturday, August 05, 2006

What Was That? - Our New Domain

We have a New Domain! Please redirect your browser to

Out of the ashes of a difficult week there arose the idea that the universe is providing me with the means to move forward on my journey. If you have a crapolla day, please, rather than ignore it and hope it ends soon, ask the one tiny question: What do I need to do? Sit quietly, take a deep breath, try to calm yourself slightly and imagine that you are open to receiving an answer about what is the right thing to do. If the answer that comes to you is unlikely, it doesn’t hurt to remain sitting and wait for another answer to come. Not, that you have totally rejected the first one, just that you don’t feel you are calm enough. If the first answer was the one you really need to focus on, it will come back again.

One of the ways you can know that you are on the right course is if you feel better somehow. Usually, with me it is that I can breathe deeply again. It’s like a weight comes off of my heart and my lungs.

Also, I think it’s like waves…we dip down into crap to do something difficult and then rise up to surf the waves, the sun in our faces, the thrill of riding the curl of a wave as we move out into the fun stuff and reap the rewards of our harder labors as we dealt with the crap. So, there it is: crap, fun, crap, fun, crap, fun. It sounds slightly manic depressive, actually. Well, maybe it’s just life going through menopause.


Meowkaat said...

So...where'd you go? decide to stop blogging, or did you move to a new site?

Lady Skye Fyre said...

I bought my own domain and the blog has been relocated to