Thursday, September 07, 2006

Stuff and Nonsense

I’m going to have to start writing notes to myself on my arms.  I’ll refer to them at the end of the day and either wash it all off then or do it with my shower in the morning.  Then, I can start fresh again.  I swear I can’t remember stuff.  And, it’s aggravating to have to spend the energy trying to remember something I can’t remember.  You really don’t have a clue.  It’s just this nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something.  Maybe all you know is that it’s work related.  Maybe it’s something to remember on a grocery list.  Actually, the particular thing forgotten is probably no big deal.  So what?  The next time you notice that you’re out of lettuce you’ll put it on the shopping list.  Or, whoever it was who called will call back again.  It’s the loss of control that’s irritating.  It’s that nagging feeling that takes precedence over all the other things you should be concerned with.  

Not a good feeling.

Last week I made reference to a number of rather cool notebooks I have collected over the years.  Additionally, those who are of a crafty bent could individualize notebooks for themselves (it’s on my list of things to do).  And, I could make a rule that whenever I want to remember to do something I will write it in one of those notebooks.  At present there are only 5 of them.  I’ve also scoured the house and corralled them all together now on the same bookshelf.  That way I’m not looking all over the place for them not remembering where I’d put them.

Also, energy spent on wanting to write something down but not doing it is also wasteful.  So, another resolution.  Write it down right away and write it down in any of 5 wonderful special only for my use notebooks.  

Doesn’t seem hard.  Actually, it’s easier than resolving to use the sonic care toothbrush every day.  I hate it when I aim funny with that and my entire head goes BUZZZZZ as the edge of the ding dong thing hits my teeth funny.  It’s easier than resolving to do the Denise Austin Walk Aerobics for 15 minutes every day where I always, without fail, manage to hurt myself and need 3 weeks to recover.

Hey, this will be a piece of cake.  Already I feel better.  

Now, what to do on the go?  My 5 notebooks are at home.  What if I’m in the car and something occurs to me?  It’s not going to be much longer and we’ll be needing to get hand’s free phones in California.  Maybe they’ll require people to always have both hands on the wheel at all times.  What if your car wouldn’t operate unless you had both hands on the wheel?  How would you pick your nose if it really needed picking?  You certainly couldn’t drink coffee.

Okay, a contraption, a hat that you wear in the car.  It drops down like oxygen masks in airplanes.  You put it on, strap it securely under your chin and voila, you are ready to go.  Sticking out of the side of it is an adjustable microphone.  That’s for your phone.  You control it with your tongue.  It’ll have 3 bumps on it.  Braille for the tongue.  The upper bump will be for when you’re wanting to make a call.  It turns on the phone and you speak the number you want to dial into the mic.  The middle bump turns off the phone.  The lower bump is when you want to take a personal memo to yourself for something you want to note and not forget.  When you get to the office you dial in your secret number and retrieve your message to yourself.

Also, attached to the hat is a supply of coffee.  You have to load it in when you get into the car.  It’ll come in this enclosed capsule sort of thing that wraps around the brim of the hat.  It’s hot, so be careful as you handle it.  It won’t make your head hot, though, because there will be a special insulated hat band that cools your head.  Anyway, the drinking part releases and falls down when you wiggle your left eyebrow.  The hat band also has sensors in it.  So, this tube descends and you can sip away.

No help for nose picking though.  That’ll have to wait.  It’s not real polite anyway.  I don’t know why people think that they can pick with impunity in the car.  It’s like they think nobody can see them.  Okay, I’ve got to go to work.

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