Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow. The only thing I did to get ready was to clean up my desk a little bit. Not too much. I don’t want anybody to get any ideas. I’m really not sure just how I will begin. I think I will just plunge in and see what happens.

We hadn’t planned on having anything to hand out tonight for Halloween. Last year we got a boat load of candy and nobody came. Likely, we won’t have anyone come tonight either seeing as how Oakland just made national news as the 8th most violent city in the US. On the heels of that announcement yesterday the cops exploded a pipe bomb in Montclair, one of the nicer areas of the city. Nobody was hurt.

Anyway, I started having second thoughts about not having anything to hand out for Halloween. As a kid it was one of the high points of the year. You spent a long time on your costume and got to come home with lots to eat. It was terrific. Even if we turn the lights off folks might make the trek upstairs and that is dangerous in the dark. I asked DeeDude to pick up some peanut butter crackers and we can give those out if anybody comes. If not he and I can still eat them as snacks afterwards.

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