Sunday, October 01, 2006

Leave. Now.

I had another psychic hit this afternoon.  I wasn’t feeling real well so I went back to bed for a little bit.  I was drifting in and out of sleep and I could hear my husband and his friend talking in the living room.  Suddenly, my body went into paralyzing body buzz mode.  It’s been a hell of a long time since that happened to me.  I wasn’t alarmed, merely surprised and interested.  I’d actually just been talking to somebody about it in an email yesterday so I thought it was really interesting that I was experiencing it again when it’s been years since it happened to me last.

That’s when it changed.  The paralyzing part was the same, but the buzziness aspect of it got more intense than I’ve ever felt it before.  Then, I had a falling sensation which is also something I’ve not felt before.  

Then, I’m seeing white.  Totally white and I realized this was the same scene I saw the other day when I saw the two guys.  The white is snow.  I’m seeing a tiny little shack.  Narrow, like an outhouse.  It’s dark wood stark against the white snow.  And, I see the tail end of a Ford Explorer driving away.  I didn’t recognize the vehicle as a Ford Explorer, I just knew that’s what it was.  All I could see of it was the back end and the bumper.  It was dark, it might have been black.  

Then, I felt the fear.  Terrible, terrible fear.  Then, I pull back into myself saying, “This is a psychic vision.  There’s no reason you should be afraid.”  And, I felt myself pulling back, the scene before me getting fainter and farther away.  Then, I think about the fear I felt and have an urgency to tell somebody to leave.  Leave quickly.  Now, I don’t know what is going on and the vision is finished and I’m awake and back in my body.

I’ve never had a vision come to me two days in a row for the same thing.

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Meowkaat said...

It sounds like an OBE.... how they start anyway. When I first had it start happening to me, it scared the crap out of me- the paralysis especially...
I want to hear more!