Sunday, October 29, 2006


I’m gearing up for writing in November. Not that I don’t write a lot normally, but this is going to be a heavy duty push forward in regard to what I channel. I sometimes can go weeks in between times of formal channeling. Now, I’m committing to at least 15 minutes a day, at least in the beginning. What I’d like to see is half an hour a day. That, at the end of the month, ought to produce a decent body of work. It might not be the 54,000 words required for a “win” at but it will satisfy me.

However, one of the things I’d noticed lately that did not work the way I always would like them to are my eyes. Turns out I’ve got outward facing eyes. They don’t focus the way they used to and I have to do exercises every day to strengthen them and, hopefully, straighten them out. I hold a pen, business end up, in front of me at arm’s length. I focus on the tip of the pen and slowly, while I’m looking at it and trying to keep the thing in focus bring it forward. Then, I move it back. That’s all.

But, my eyes, even with the new prisms I’ve got in my lenses still wig out when I’m tired. Everything I’m reading goes double, blurry and the letters just won’t stay still. It drives me nuts. It’s especially irritating at work where I deal with numbers all day long.

So, I’ve fixed my computer so that my “window” is a very light shade of pink rather than white like it normally is. How to do this for anybody with a Windows operating system is from your desktop right click in a clear area. What unfolds is a menu. Go to the bottom of it where it says, “Properties”.

Go to the fourth tab over which is, “Appearance”. From there click on the button at the bottom of that area called, “Advanced”. Then actually click on the area of your sample displayed screen to select that element. For me, to change the color of the paper in Word, I click on the larger window area.

The little drop down now displays the element to change which is: window. White (by default) is the color displayed and where you want to change it is to click on the little drop down arrow next to the displayed color. You get a minor sized collection of colors. Pick one of them if they thrill you….or, go to the word, “more” and have a ball picking out the absolutely best, most perfect, fantastic color and shade (using the slider at the side of the screen) you want. Hey, you could even color coordinate your outfit or your décor if you wanted to.

I remember the first time I found out about this I changed the color of every element I saw. Hours later after I’d screwed it all up I discovered that there were preset themes already there. Eventually, I reset it all to Windows Standard. But, now I need pink. I think it’s easier on my eyes.

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