Friday, October 20, 2006

Where I Got Ticked Off

Unfortunately, I got pissed off the other day. I keep thinking it’s because I’m reading Byron Katie - Loving What Is It’s like being on page 200 of The Course in Miracles; you just want to heave the whole thing off of the nearest bridge. But, I gave into temptation and created a new place to vent my anger. I’ve read enough blogs to see that others don’t hold back. Why should I? But, the thought of exhibiting the dark side here was too much. So, I made a new blog. It may or may not last. Meaning that I might feel remorseful sometime in the future and remove it from cyberspace…though the couple of posts I’ve done so far will remain…far into the future…ah…revenge….or, at least a slight feeling of satisfaction.

Anyway, if anybody wants to see me kicking the walls go to The Psychic Vents.

On the flip side (which means there is a positive side to this) I now have the opportunity to try out the new Blogger Beta program with the new blog. It’s interesting, so far. I do like the idea of being able to categorize stuff, but I’m wondering how much flexibility is available to add extra code to a template…like my stat counter. Maybe when I’ve cooled down I’ll look into it.

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