Friday, October 27, 2006


This was something I channeled this morning:

If you wait for the perfect moment in time to begin a particular task many times the task will never get done. This is where having lists comes in handy. For instance, you have a job and that job requires you to be at work on time, to work 8 hours and to perform specific tasks while you are there. The incentive is that you get a paycheck. An added benefit might be that you feel creatively challenged while you are there, but we understand sometimes that this is not always the case. The major point of this particular treatise upon working habits is to illustrate the importance of the idea that you show up and commit to work.

With a task that does not come under the heading of work, something that you do for no pay or obvious remuneration, the task of creating a body of work is harder. Something substantial in the form of worthwhile channeling in exchange for a numb butt, a sore shoulder and an imminent case of carpel tunnel syndrome is not what we would classify as worthwhile remuneration, however, when the channel is sufficiently greased, not in the sense anymore of having imbibed in several alcoholic drinks as was once the case, but relaxed and willing to channel, some glimmer of hope or help might come through for someone reading the work.

It’s all in how you look at it.

We do not seek to chastise, but to explain the process. If you sit, with your hands upon the keyboard, with your ear phones on effectively blocking out noise and activity from around you, ready to channel, we will certainly oblige. The quality of what you channel is another matter.

It is difficult to shout over the noise of a tremendous storm. However you seek it, plan on solitude, plan on peace, plan on quiet in your mind. Practicing these attitudes on a more than frequent basis in the midst of your ordinary activities will certainly spill over into the times when you sit waiting for channeling to ensue. Our blessings.

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