Saturday, October 28, 2006

Writing That Lasts

You know something? It never goes away. What you think, what you say, what you record in your blog will always, always be there. Even if you delete it. Now, if you were to post and delete very close together chances are it is not part of the Akashic Records of the Internet. What leads me to this thought are two things.

I saw somebody post something in their blog the other day to the effect that they had deleted what they considered to be questionable material from their blog. They washed their hands of it and walked away with soul cleansed. I didn’t say anything. If they think it’s gone I wasn’t going to burst their bubble. Right then.

I will now. I’ve had more people do searches and come up with this blog at its old address at blogspot. And, that’s as far as it goes. I can’t get anybody at Blogger to help me out on this because they are all concerned with rolling out the new Beta Blogger. Finally, I just let it go. If they’re supposed to come see me at the new url then, they will.

The other thing that set me to thinking along these lines was reading a young person’s blog where they were complaining about adults who can’t remember what it was like to be a child. Well, yeah. That’s not so bad. Except, I remember what I used to write in my diary when I was 16 years old and there’s no way in Hell I would ever want that stuff to be read by anybody now. Hey, even back then I used to hide my diary under my mattress so my brothers wouldn’t find it.

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