Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blog Rolling

Wow. Over time I have accumulated a whole bunch of blog/websites in my BlogRoll. Lots. And, the only order there was that they were alphabetical. Otherwise, cooking blogs were right up there beside writing blogs. I wanted to categorize them, but I hadn’t wanted to spend the money…until yesterday. I went to BlogRolling to upgrade so I could make categories and come to find out now ALL services are available to the free level members. Holy Rat Shit, Batman!

So far, I’ve got two categories to separate folks into. I’m thinking on the others I want to create. Which sort of moves me into that area of, “Maybe I need to make another blog?” God, what have I unleashed? Well, other people have lots of blogs. I’ve got 3 of them already. I’ve got a lot of interests. I’m thinking beading blog…I’m thinking cooking blog…(Maybe after I’ve lost weight)…and, maybe a weight loss blog. Who wants to read about a fat psychic? Anyway, I’m sort of busy this month with the NaNoWriMo stuff (14,621 words this morning).

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