Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Dream I Had

This is from my journal: Just a quick note. I want to conserve my writing energy for the Thing I’m channeling for NaNoWriMo. It’s 2:47 am. I went to bed at 7:30 last night. Enough sleep and up to write. Writer’s hours. I awakened from a dream. Coming from university again. Walking with a girl toward our digs. Talking to her and said something like I wanted to have a few minutes to read over my English notes. Military. Naval. Then, lying in bed with dogs and cats all around. I said to one of the cats, “It was always more interesting when Mama Cat was around.” She said to me, “Yeah, she was our leader. We always followed her and she found neat things for us to do.” I was talking to her daughter, but it didn’t seem that it was either Samantha or Mattie.

Then, an Airedale terrier lay on the bed and stretched. I rubbed him. And, another dog was within reach. I reached up to pet a cat sitting on a window sill away from the dogs. There were kids all over the place. The mother stood at the kitchen sink and as the two husbands came in the door I thought to myself how young they all looked. The one husband went to kiss his wife and I noticed that his hair was different, shorn on the one side and curly dark locks on the other. I thought how things had changed in the military. And, she said announcing to all that if we got up then and got ready to leave we’d be in East Oookem by noon. There was another place name that she said. This was a British place and British place names. I wonder if there is an Oookem? I was thinking that I was to be included with the group leaving.

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