Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm Not Writing

The creative juices sort of dried up today as far as the program goes. I was however, able to channel a bit off topic and posted it to the Learn to Channel blog and wrote a pissy little piece to post to The Psychic Vents. Then, not to be undone, I figured to be fair I ought to post something here even if it isn’t anything of real importance to anybody in the world. How’s that for blah?

Well, I could let everybody know how the boil on my back is coming along. It is healing, but it sure looks gross. To point out what a very loving and attentive husband DeeDude is he did not even recoil in horror when I’ve asked him every day to tell me how it is doing. If it is appropriate (he uses his judgment because I can’t see the damn thing) he works at squeezing the pus out of it. Now, isn’t that gross? It does hurt like hell. But, I cannot stand the thought of having this thing on my back. It’s like an alien has imbedded itself under my skin (a channeling funny for you, somebody just said, “Watch out.” ….LOL) to grow and be something that swallowed Cincinnati.

I read on the internet today all sorts of cautionary notes about squeezing boils, except, it’s not hard anymore because I have been using hot, moist compresses a lot and I think the antibiotics are working. It eventually melts. I fully expect this sucker to be healed by the end of next week. I hope it doesn’t go any longer than that.

The bummer about this is folks with diabetes are prone to getting boils. My first experience was many years ago maybe a year or so before I was officially diagnosed with diabetes. They kept saying, “Use antibacterial soap, quit wearing tight clothes, use wet, hot compresses.” And, that year I must have had 10 of them. I was so miserable. It was horrid. I stopped calling the doctor about them. They never did give me any antibiotics. I should have been more forceful. Note to anybody with a boil: Do not pick at it unless you plan to totally disregard what wiser heads have to advise about them. A totally mind blowing cautionary note I read this morning about them were about boils on your face. Pick at them and you tempt brain damage. What? What? Okay, it’s on my back. It’s not on my face.

But, I don’t feel very good. And, the momentum to write serious stuff, stuff for my project at NaNoWriMo is just not there. So, I’m blogging instead. At least that’s sort of useful.

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